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    Datascience or Software development at Moringa school? School

    Apply alx for free ukimbizane
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    Bad bad

    Samehea yeye, alafu unipe number tumjaribu tena
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    Wanaume wa central what is this? Iko shida

    Wako Sunday school.
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    Watu ya Jumia/Kilimall/AliExpress shopping, kujeni kidogo.

    Well written in description, next time don't bring your ignorance hapa, we have big things to deal with
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    Watu ya Jumia/Kilimall/AliExpress shopping, kujeni kidogo.

    Siezi I will request waandike in your mother toungue for easy understanding. It is written explicitly ata the YouTuber ako sawa nayo. But I guess not everyone was born smart, some cannot read and understand
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    Watu ya Jumia/Kilimall/AliExpress shopping, kujeni kidogo.

    I thought uko na kitu ya maana ya kusema kumbe ni upus Hio S7 ni refurb na huwa zimeandikwa ziko na slight fault kama a line kwa screen depends with your luck but they are very cheap for a flagship Jifunze kusoma reviews usilete maneno mingi huku
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    Xiaomi redmi note 11

    Good move, tecno or infinix is great
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    Now Courts Allow Citizens To Acquire Other's Idle Land In Kenya!

    Kenya is biased, based on the rulling wasee wa mukuru na other places hawafai kutolewa since they have been there for years
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    Are Nigerians the smartest in Africa?

    They are not the brightest, but I can tell you are a fool
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    Carrier aggregation and why you shouldn't buy cheap xiaomis

    Redmi are shit, can't even support ViLTE
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    117 KES - USDT

    Check tu dollar price
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    Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Solve!

    Simple 1. 1+1(4) 2. 2+ 2(5) .... 8+8(11)
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    26 year old

    Enda tu hii internship ya government, nimesahau jina but huchukua yearly. Achana na forex ama crypto huko wahitaji doo. Form ya writing labda uandikie mtu, hio kununua account utajipiga schtick
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    Smash or pass - There’s something I want to find out

    Girls huwa na longer legs, short torso
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    Boring in bed

    It can be anything but mimi na game lame kwa same sentence is a no.
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    Boring in bed

    Are women boring in bed? There is this girl I was dating, we could kiss and lots of foreplay, but penetration hapo ndio ilikuwa shida. She didn't want to remove her panty alikuwa anapenda ni shift to the side, she was okay being topless since I used to play with her boobs. So mostly I initiated...
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    Sperm Donation

    Mnajua base yoyote ya kudonate sperm for quick cash?