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  1. cosmopolitan

    18+ Away match.

    Chapa ilale...
  2. cosmopolitan

    Kalikula Pesa Saa Hii Kanataka Kuenjoy Maisha Mzuri Mzuri

    Kid aint okd enuff to own phone, but singo matha makes him audit his expenses... Ati i showed him mpesa and bank transactions to prove i pay his expenses!
  3. cosmopolitan

    Useless skills

    Hell Is Other People! :D:D:D
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    Russia Warns Finland Of Dire Consequences For Attempt To Join Evil NATO

    Polish president and prime minister, " There is a need to 'destroy the Russian world ' and 'force Russia' to pay indemnity to Ukraine. Member of the Duma, Hon. Morozov, " Poland is encouraging us to put it next in line for denazification after ukraine." :D:D:D:D:D
  5. cosmopolitan

    Explicit Wangapi? Mueni wa Kitengela

    Hio tumbo ni ya Guiness tano na gilbeys quarter...ataimba sifa zako hio weekend. Shimo mbaya ni ile ya nyoka, Kijiji Proverb.
  6. cosmopolitan

    Drug Dealers & Wash Wash To Convert Kenya Into African Colombia

    A rogue chemist should chop up mogoka, mix it with diesel and hydrochloric acid, stomp it to extract pure cathine/ cathinone and convert to powder form. Watu watajua hawajui...:D:D
  7. cosmopolitan

    Drug Dealers & Wash Wash To Convert Kenya Into African Colombia

    Huko naks kuna shash mpya inaitwa mondo which they allege is cannabis but is actually dirty heroine, mixed with all sorts of shid.
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    Bitcoin and crypto currencies

    Watu wa crypto waelekee chooni kumwaga machozi... Mtalijua jiji :D:D:D
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    Bitcoin and crypto currencies

    >Coinbase spooked customers with an admission that their crypto holdings could be at risk if the company goes bankrupt – a warning that surfaced alongside a dismal earnings report that crushed the cryptocurrency hub’s stock on Wednesday. >Shares plunged more than 27% Wednesday after Coinbase...
  10. cosmopolitan

    Uncle sam shown middle finger. Pendaaa sana.

    The mofos were also seen in venezuela, hat in hand, begging for oil.
  11. cosmopolitan

    Wali so called lethal Canadian sniper fired two bullets akarudi nyumbani

    And don't forget that this is the heavily edited version. Jamaa is in a psych ward, rambling incoherently and afraid of every tiny noise. Ptsd, shell shock, soldiers heart, anxiety ndio zake saa hii.
  12. cosmopolitan

    Kamiti Conman Fooled By Clever High IQ Woman. Penda Sana Such Episodes

    Hio ngombe ni amateur, unaeza feel mpaka vile ako tension akijaribu kuknock huyo mumama.
  13. cosmopolitan

    ChifuMbitika beaten up by D-

    Kuna mashifo wengine bado hukua na kiherehere. Ma 2000's huko kuna den ya illicit chief alikuja na AP wawili ati kutuuma. Tulipiga drinks flash na tukampita kwa mlango tukimwekelea kibare kila mtu. Ata mwenye hio biz. Tukimwambia awachange ujinga. Ma AP walikua wamesimama huukooo, wakicheki...
  14. cosmopolitan

    Church girls

    The worst (absolutely worst) of the worst hypocrites hide themselves in church... Ndio maana, a beggar would rather beg in a bar than in church. Coz they know where good hearted people hang out.
  15. cosmopolitan

    Leteni maoni elders

    The term "broke nikha" coming from a sray queen is relative. You scrape togeza 200k a month, but your chick wants expensive take out every day. Wanna eat out twice/ thrice a week, wanna hang out at salons and nail spas every week getting a do and 'be seen' at every trending event...and still a...
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    Well , Well , Well ...

    Own Goal Detected...
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    Explicit Serious Eye Cleaning

    Hizi hapa, Fine Thank You... Kwanza hio kienyeji imevaa red...
  18. cosmopolitan

    Best Drug Series usisahau the series is loosely based on a book (based on true events) by the same name. Kitabu ndio fire kuruka.
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    Cheza chini, utapeana elder mazee :D:D:D:D
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    Russian Military Failures

    West can fool most of the world most of the time, but not all the world all the time. Niko na Putin hadi mwisho wa lami...