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    Looking for Car Music System

    Thanks. I got someone to do it.
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    Looking for Car Music System

    Anyone here who can install a good entertainment system (video + audio) in a bus? Inbox.
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    Seeking tips for laying foundation. 4 bedroom bungalow

    4 rolls of BRC? Kwani unajenga dormitory?
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    Billionaire problems

    I can't remember the last time I handled cash. All I remember is it was very dirty and ugly.
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    Arvs inarembesha

    I know this guy in real life!
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    Men: What is your problem!!!!?

    Actually, kiburi means a "very big goat" in her mother tongue.
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    Breaking news-Kalonzo to withdraw from Azimio

    Myambo ya punda.
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    They can't clear you because they can't understand what "clearence" means. Try polishing your language first.
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    Secondary School

    It used to be a good school some decades ago. Today it sounds like Sonko's escape route.
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    Holidays wadau

    Is Tuesday confirmed?
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    Biasness in family function

    Welcome to the world my guy. Respect is always bought.
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    How many points make an acre?

    Zero point one = 1 point 0.2=2points Etc. Use your big head.
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    Rapture watch

    Oh no, Not again! Does it never feel stupid every time some mentally retarded idiot comes up with some random end of the world date and bonobos in their true self start telling it like the world is ending? Grow some brains and start reasoning! See you on July 9. Hope you will have grown some...
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    kenyans who receive booster shot to win land

    Jeez! Are you this thick in real life?
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    What will heaven be like?

    If believing in imaginary entities and locations helps you to cope with your grief, proceed. But we won't join in your delusions.
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    August 9th Election Projections According to NIS

    I dont support any of the meffi candidates but this looks more realistic than TIFF opinions.
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    Advice from Jesus on how to live in the last days

    I thought there was a talking Jesus. Kumbe ni vinyangarika zinanyambanyamba tu?
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    Latest opinion poll Wadau

    And the same paper wrote