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  1. satisfied mshukiwa

    Seeking tips for laying foundation. 4 bedroom bungalow

    Very important do not forget to apply gladiator.
  2. satisfied mshukiwa

    18+ Ramla : Safisha Mecho Edishen

    Burudani square, thika road next to juja city mall
  3. satisfied mshukiwa

    @panyaste hio ime siberia spidi sana

    Is one of the friends called Kamau?
  4. satisfied mshukiwa

    Zip lining

    The forest. Located in kimende
  5. satisfied mshukiwa


    Cheza na double chance hapo.
  6. satisfied mshukiwa

    SMS kutoka kwa MWK

    that's good riddance of bad rubbish.
  7. satisfied mshukiwa

    Unmasking @deorro cc CSI

    information house opposite afya centre.
  8. satisfied mshukiwa


    did I say I am? read to understand.
  9. satisfied mshukiwa


    picha ya girlfriend best friend ikuje, this is a minimum mandatory requirement before elders can look at ur case.
  10. satisfied mshukiwa

    KCSE REMARK, Process??

    remarking was abolished last year. I even went to Knec offices huko south c to see if I could get a remark but it was not possible
  11. satisfied mshukiwa

    Interested In Becoming An IT Engineer? -- A Repost with prior apologies

    carrier ending tackles but the referee waves play on.
  12. satisfied mshukiwa

    Cost of living in other towns

    in Nanyuki a decent 2 bedroom goes from an upwards of 30k
  13. satisfied mshukiwa

    How I was Conned 1.2M

    very informative though scary.
  14. satisfied mshukiwa

    We are a nation of very small minds..

    "pale" is also becoming annoying. eg nikiishii 'pale' Kasarani.
  15. satisfied mshukiwa

    Admins kujeni hapa.Villagers Privacy issue.

    I think there should be a two step verification process that generates a unique code. siwezi taka bibi ajue other handles
  16. satisfied mshukiwa

    team building

    lakini shape yake na ya mtungi ya keg zinapelekana hapa kwa hapa.
  17. satisfied mshukiwa

    download movies on YouTube

    wacha hate speech, I know what am talking about despite being juu ya legend.
  18. satisfied mshukiwa

    2018 FIFA World Cup Draw: Official Thread

    Group F and G will keep us glued to TV