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  1. Sogomba Sadamkale

    PM Jacinda Adern's spectacular speech about the terrorist attack in Christchurch.

    Ndio mseme ati wazungu hawaitani terrorists. Waafrika wanapenda kujiweka mavictims kila wakati alafu wanachagua viongozi butu.
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    Winds of change - The Scorpions Zombie - The Cranberries
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    This is the first in my series of muaic discovery on YOUTUBE. It will be featuring artists that have a unique sound to their music and they do it well. Listen then don't give your opinion. Just go to their YouTube channel and leave a like or a dislike. This guy does awesome covers of Roots...
  5. Sogomba Sadamkale

    Raudha Athif

    She stands to this day as the most beautiful woman who has ever existed. She combined beauty and brains as she was also a medical student.
  6. Sogomba Sadamkale

    I need HELP from mature Talkers.

    My penis is big.
  7. Sogomba Sadamkale

    No Shave November

    I used to have a problem growing a good beard which baffled me because my penis is big. I even developed depression because of lacking a manly beard. I prayed and fasted and God heard my prayers.
  8. Sogomba Sadamkale

    Public Likes In A New Name Still Smells Like A Scam.

    Public Likes is back and this time is calling itself Boostpal. And Kenyans being the idiots they are will still fall for it. In other news, my penis is still big.
  9. Sogomba Sadamkale

    Changing the 8-4-4 education system imefikia wapi?

    The last time I heard, while he was the CS for Education, Dr. Alfred Matiangi had proposed a new education system aimed to replace the current one. Of late I haven't been hearing anything about it. Were the plans swept under the carpet ama?
  10. Sogomba Sadamkale

    Dark Souls 2

    I decided to start playing Dark Souls 2 after reading that it is the easiest of the trilogy lakini sasa nimeanza kushuku this game was made by a sadomasochistic. I die all the time from enemies I can't even see sometimes. Anyway, if you are interested this is where you can download it: DARK...
  11. Sogomba Sadamkale

    Genital Jousting

    When I heard about this game I thought it was about poking women with penises while they venerate themselves before your greatness, it turns out it is just a bunch of disembodied penises with anuses furcking each other. I think the white man has taken the homosexuality agenda to a new level...
  12. Sogomba Sadamkale

    Why I Am A Feminist.

    We should empower women so that we don't have to carry them on our backs. A capitalist country's development is reliant on the taxes that it's citizens pay to the government and also innovation. Women make half of the population of Kenya and they are not provided with the same opportunities...
  13. Sogomba Sadamkale

    Importing A Used Computer.

    So I am planning on building a budget (peasant) gaming rig to enjoy some PIRATED video games. Buy a used/prebuilt computer from reputable seller on Ebay and stick a good GPU on it and some additional RAM and I will be done. My question is, what are the charges of importing a used computer in...
  14. Sogomba Sadamkale


    I bought a packet of Salt for sh. 7 with a ten bob coin and wanted my change back only to be given a Tropical sweet. As it turns out for a very long time, shops around my place have been refusing to take or give back one shilling Coins. Is this happening elsewhere or is it just my locality...
  15. Sogomba Sadamkale


    My penis is big. I have problems having sex with women because it can't fit in most vaginas. Condoms are too tight.
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    I know Sonko is probably wealthier than I will ever be and that his money and influence gives his family experience s that I can only begin to dream about, but his daughters are ugly. I have nothing against Sonko or his family. I don't want any of them for any purposes, but to point out that...
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    I just topped up with sh. 100 worth of credit on a Telkom line and they deducted sh. 16 for no good reason. This is the second time it is happening. Wameanza wizi ile ilikua na Safaricom. Ndio ubaya was Kenya, as soon as you start to trust a service, they screw you immediately. Sijui...
  18. Sogomba Sadamkale

    Just a Friendly Reminder

    I do not have much to say, but just to remind you that MY PENIS IS STILL BIG despite the changes that have come into this village.