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  1. Makiadi

    18+ Homos taking over

    Vast majority of homos in Kenya(sorry to say this) tend to be wajaka. Never understood why. You recall back in news 2014 in Kisumu when madems there decrying lack of men to marry them since wamepotelea kwa uhomo.
  2. Makiadi

    Ktalk Elder spotted

    Huyu atasaidiwa kazi ya kitanda because yeye na hako ka mwili haezi satisfy Hilo jimama. Another thing ni possibility ya kupigwa Iko high since she is way stronger/bigger than him. Last but not least ni harufu ya jasho na matako ya huyo Dem mnono kunuka kwa nyumba.
  3. Makiadi

    Guys who f**k malaya vs vibing a girl

    Sorry we pay you ass-wipes to leave!!
  4. Makiadi

    Love Triangle Dilemma

    Mkidinyana mbona hukutuitisha usaidizi.?
  5. Makiadi

    Dryspell thika

    You won't get a medal for fucking hoes, you'll get STDs/AIDS or bad karma if you get unlucky. Also another man's sexual life shouldn't be your concern.
  6. Makiadi

    Most Complete Compilation Of Michele Gang...Don't Be A Victim!

    Dci is obviously protecting the identity of their colleague not to mention one of those women listed here is actually married to a guy working for DCI.
  7. Makiadi

    Mchele Experiences

    Most of y'all don't get spiked because your are poor. Not worth torturing a poor soul when you can't reap it big from them. Chungeni sana women can smell wealth from miles away. That's why after your promotion these days you meeting with many random beautiful women.
  8. Makiadi

    Ms. Irene Gakwa Is Missing As U S Boyfriend Is Arrested...

    What's with ugly skinny tar-dark negro bitches and fat neck beard trailer trash white men..
  9. Makiadi

    Masiabu ya Ulevi

    That's usually a wake up call to turn your life around, otherwise unachokitafuta utakipata. If you like lanyes prepare for such.
  10. Makiadi

    of singo mathas and embobut forest

    Men swearing off relationships it's true. I don't see men asking out women frequently like before, even the so called chads/alpha. Because even the the bad boys/alphas know that women are exploitative and might be out to fleece them or even give them AIDS.
  11. Makiadi

    Small communities must stop being dominated by big five tribes.

    Nah just the elite within the said communities dominate and not the whole community. Also we didn't choose to be in the dominant tribes you twit.
  12. Makiadi

    iko shida

    The high quality ones are kept for the monied to deflower and marry.
  13. Makiadi

    would you date a political lady?

    Yeye ni Kama mwanaume Sasa. She might even start fishing for young fellas for sexcapades away from home. Ukioa a politician jua wewe ni slave wake. That's why many tend to be single. Men tend to avoid them.
  14. Makiadi

    House parties

  15. Makiadi

    Female Officer Squeals Like A Pig & Pleads For Her Life After Fugitive Points Gun At Her

    Exactly. He is probably one of those fools/related or has never been arrested before. No one in his right mind everywhere in this world likes cops.
  16. Makiadi

    Condom burst in lanye

    .......Khulanga papa luw........
  17. Makiadi

    Are You A House Negro Or A Field Negro?

    This is not America dummy!
  18. Makiadi

    News of the day: A Fat Kakamega Woman Kills Kids, attempts suicide (planteshon manenos)

    They are physically imposing and violent if you don't watch out. That's why many prefer dating and marrying within their tribe because they'll match their energy.