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    Uhuru shines in Portugal - he is representing Kenya and Africa very well

    Portuguese are racists as f**k.. Uhuru kupiga picha Na wazungu ni achievement??
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    Chasing women decreases as you grow old

    Otoyo! Bwana Mano ok dhoga!
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    Chasing women decreases as you grow old

    I'm 29 and i have realized that i dont have the energy to chase pu**y anymore. I'm no longer excited to play games with women unlike one year ago. One year ago i was always aggressive and always looking forward to the thrill of a new pu**y. Yesterday, i was imbibing beer at my local. It is very...
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    ASKTRP banned

    Going Search that!
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    ASKTRP banned

    TRP migrated from reddit almost a year ago. TRP Mgtow Whereareallthegoodmen Redpill women All of it.
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    Glad I stopped drinking coz alcoholism doesn't know race

    Thats dementia not alcoholism.
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    Wakenya hamujipendi: Racism at Alchemist Bar

    Racism is human nature. Humans always want to feel superior to other races and tribes. As Kenyans, we are prejudiced against South Sudanese and Somalis because of their uncouth way of life. Racism was invented by Europeans when they started studying anthropology. They claim that they are...
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    Elon Musk Warns Of Hyperinflation If US Keeps On Printing Worthless Money

    The democrats want Elon Musk to pay huge taxes. If elected, one of Biden's agendas was to tax billionaires more than the common person. Musk has to pay taxes, but he plays a hide and seek game. By buying twitter he is threatening Democrats by saying that he will bring Trump back. That did...
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    Senior twitter engineer exposes company secrets to journalist: Men beware when a hotter woman shows high interest.

    Not all Indians are book smart. I studied with them here in Europe, they were astonishing. I only rate highly those Indians who graduated from IITs. Others wengi wao waliiba mtihani during their bachelors. Wanakuja masters in Europe where its difficult to cheat. They spend 4 to 5 years to...
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    I am fine by that

    I mean you’d want a kid to have a better life than you had. For example having left vimbustian I would generally like my kids to live in Europe because of the quality of life but again that comes with expense.
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    I am fine by that

    I’m considering vasectomy. I’m 29 years old making some bank here in Europe but having kids is something that i have always detested. I plan to make bank invest in government bonds, shares happens NSE for my retirement. Kids are expensive and require a lot of commitment which I don’t think I’m...
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    Slayqueen demands 1m dowry

    The wall is approaching. Let's talk then.
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    How do I spam a number

    Publish a picture advert with a beautiful woman. Say that you are offering massage and xtras at a cheap rate. Alternatively, post a picture of a commodity that's has a very high demand ie car, phone, at a lower cost. Use her number.
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    Re.d P.ill Truth

    Your assumption is autrociously wrong. I am friends with a fixer because he some qualities that I don't have even though he is not in my income bracket. Friendship is based on mutual benefits. I would befriend a guy in the lower income if he has the skills I want.
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    Azor ahai

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    Mwanamke anakubebaje hadi anakuuliza umtafutie bwana? Hio zone ni gani?
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    18+ Preparing Kitoweo

    She is fat! That's a turn off.
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    hot chic

    Unasema nini?