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  1. Russy

    Usafi wa macho courtesy of Luo ladies.

    Omera.. Sasha iko thick fine gyal
  2. Russy

    woman driver harrased by boda riders

    What better weapons just one shot in the air nugu zingekimbia in all directions
  3. Russy

    Will Russia survive all these sanctions?

    Bonobos wanapenda kuamini propaganda ya west sana... And to think Russia is a dwarf economy.Kelele za chura.
  4. Russy


    The way Putin has Nato by the balls won't be surprised if he annexes the whole of Ukraine.
  5. Russy

    He need some milk

    :Ddont try this at home on a new level
  6. Russy

    Bingwa is that you?

    The Carmel or the charcoal black dude... :D
  7. Russy

    Joe rogan

    For saying the N word watu wanatengeneza pesa uku nje... Take the deal Spotify would obviously drop him
  8. Russy

    Confused:Audi A 3 or Auris

    Kama uko na pesa ya maintainance any car model will fit you but if u plan to sale the car in future nunua tu Toyota Ata hio Honda inasifiwa hapo will depreciate with time... Lexus or Toyota.. But Gari ni wewe got for it
  9. Russy

    Meta stock loses $230 billion in one day, the largest in stock market history

    Now is a good time to invest in the metaverse with NFTS being the next big thing... And for christ sake acha comparing Meta na Tiktok...
  10. Russy

    BREAKING NEWS ::: Brazil violence: Three arrested over killing of Congolese migrant

    But unatoka aje Congo only to land in Brazil kwanza Rio...Ukitoka Africa better go huko Europe tengeneza besha na citizenship
  11. Russy

    BREAKING NEWS ::: Brazil violence: Three arrested over killing of Congolese migrant

    just to confirm Nani umepiga hapo roundkick:D
  12. Russy

    Real Madrid reach deal with Kylian Mbappe

    :D:Ddont misquote me mimi ni mtu ya team kubwa si Arsenal...
  13. Russy

    Real Madrid reach deal with Kylian Mbappe

    Wajamaa si munarusha maneno kubwa kubwa kushinda Ata KRA eizer way mbappe is replaceable ataenda Real turn to a flop na hii kiburi yake mingi ancelotti atalisha yeye bench kama Ile Auba alipewa.
  14. Russy

    DANGER: Stima Ni Moto Mara Moja. Very Shocking Incident

    Cameraman kazi ni commentary na Allah Akbar
  15. Russy

    Michelle Ntalami left SHAKEN (kamenuka Nairobi)

    You are trying to say Kuna watu wanakuliwa bibi na mwanamke:Dlakini siwezi mind hio threesome
  16. Russy


    Wtf bro hizi vitu za kutoa opera news give me a break dude.
  17. Russy

    KRA namalisa mimi

    Or 1Xbet but bank deposits ama crypto currency
  18. Russy

    KRA namalisa mimi

    Betfair walihama William Hill ama Bet365 ziko fine
  19. Russy

    Is a virgin birth what God intended for all mankind?

    The owners of that religion say hio yore ni hekaya za Abunwasi lakini Africans and Christians just can't accept it
  20. Russy

    What is the best Android app to watch free tv after exit of mobdro

    Livenet TV kila channel iko sky sports zote bt sports ESPN...