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    Kenya Kwanza Manifesto

    I thought it was Kenya Kwanza?. Poor Madvd and co. Ruto is super egocentric, his photos planted everywhere, why I want to be president remarks, pure mannerisms of a Dictator.

    Martha Karua is delivering for Azimio

    90% of those going to vote have never attended a single Rally. The saddest people come 10th August will be those who totally rely on those crowds for numbers


    My thoughts exactly

    BRT begins operations

    For anything to work perfectly in a society like ours, always target the upper class, the sheep will follow suit. Read the Flying road of Nairobi.

    Ukraine tufukuswiiz

    They say human beings behave as if they are strangers on this planet, superdestructive creatures. I say this white Fakas are tge strangers on this planet. Fucking fighting over no shit…. Destructive to tge environment with their technologies, gauging mother earth with mining rigs. Direct...

    Noah and the Great Flood, fact or myth?

    Rapture, My take: Matter can neither be created or destroyed, the total number of souls is fixed, souls are often reborn. The Current increase in world population is an indication that more souls are in this world than ever before. The direct agents of the devil want the number of souls on the...

    Toxic Ex

    Earl’s d*ck game must be top class, the lady is as horney as f**k. Read her body language and word slur.

    Video Inaonyesha Kindiki Alipigwa Kama Mtoto Wa Nyoka Na Rigathi Kule Karen. ** GORY LEAKED VIDEO**

    If Ruto wins the presidency, Rigathi atakufa the first year kwa ajali, people of the same character cant stay together.

    Raila I don't trust Chebukati led IEBC

    I think Uhuru the Chess master ana f**k with this two guys…. Right now, Uhuru is at a place where whether Ruto or Raila win, he will be Fine!!. He has his people on both sides, all the two running mates will be his people.
  10. LINANI

    Luhyias Duped As Usual

    If you look carefully at MaDVD’s body language, you will realize that he has already eaten what he was promised. Ruto owes him nothing!!!
  11. LINANI

    Deafening Silence from Luo Nyanza.

    Is Luo Nyanza now a Constituent in Uganda. The past 40yrs, during elections, Kisumu and environs have been the loudest noise makers, Do they know something that we don’t know?
  12. LINANI

    18+ Back with a Bang

    Once you taste the Streets,the Streets are forever calling.
  13. LINANI

    Most popular luhya song

  14. LINANI

    Kalenjin elders profusely apologise to Baba for helicopter attack

    Boss tumeanza upumbavu gani hii kwa kijiji, we have already gone back to our default settings. This thing called democracy must be a tall order to WE africans….. must we fight for this FAKAS?
  15. LINANI

    Discovering Music: Nas - "Wave Gods" Feat. A$AP Rocky and Dj Premier

    Boss you are Not a Hiphop head, Enjoy your gengetone in peace!!. Nas is the only Non pop hip hop artist that turns heads when he drops a single. All he needs is just one MYC, he needs no interviews no showbiz, no promos, he drops shit and it goes!.
  16. LINANI

    Can you finger me, I'm almost there

    We call this gender the give me gender Give me money Give me a car Give me a baby Give me an organism Give me a house Its like feeding a Monster, give her the six rounds today, she will want one round from another nigga, you will be labeled something else.
  17. LINANI

    Express way, Just thinking.

    We as a people are so fucking negative, clean and corruption free on social media until a lorry full of rice crushes on Thika road!. We then put our high moral grounds coat aside, we pick the coat as we drive away with the rice in our boots
  18. LINANI

    when your wife meets more succesful men

    This Corona Vaccine has turned men into bitches, 95% of the time herein are men crying about kukuliwa bibi, WTF. How emotional are fucking niggas nowadays f**k!! So that you may know, women have been outside fucked since time in memoral. When she shows up! f**k her too!! Get a second one and...
  19. LINANI

    Ruto has taken over GEMA....Deep state confesses

    Fact is the mountain still adores Uhuru… Fact is you cannot climb the mountain without Uhuru!