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    Deafening Silence from Luo Nyanza.

    Is Luo Nyanza now a Constituent in Uganda. The past 40yrs, during elections, Kisumu and environs have been the loudest noise makers, Do they know something that we don’t know?

    This Man Joe Rogan

    This guy will soon be finished by the KABAL, his podposts are garnering 50million views, he has scared the shit out of them. His interviews with REAL Doctors on the COVID matters are being banned left right and center.

    RE: Property Market how to get round it resource wise

    I was going through one of the property selling magazines, the cost of owning property in Nairobi is on the upward scale. A three bedroom apartment in Kileleshwa will cost you 20million with a monthly service charge of about 20k. a mortgage of 20million, at 16.6%interest per annum translates to...

    Women CANNOT handle power??

    The waigurus, the barazas the sholleis, power messes women big time. I remember when I started working, I was employed in certain economic consultancy firm in westlands. in this firm there was this Secretary who was buddies with everyone.. we liked her because she seemed very reasonable. The...

    Wife Spanking - were our Great Fathers Right?

    Wife beating is unethical and uncouth. But is it right to say that women require occasional spanking?. Case in point Shebesh, Mr. Shebesh being a gentleman had never spanked his wife. Saga after saga followed the wife. After the famous kidero slap, the lady has calmed down, I guess Mr. Shebesh...

    End Time signs - don't bury your heads in the Sand

    Afew weeks ago after the ruling on g** marriages in the supreme court of the U.S.A. there was a g** parade in the U.S.A, whose main agenda was to lampoon Jesus. My questions are listed below 1) why is gayism being given so much attention the world over?. 2) why has Christianity allover sudden...

    Where can I get GOOD automobile mechanic?

    Can someone please recommend a good all round mechanic who does accurate diagnosis and can explain why certain parts are being replaced. I'm sooooooo tired of this trial and error business.

    North Eastern Kenya - How can this guys be helped?

    I have been trying to follow this north eastern security saga for quite some time I think there is a big mis-connect here. 1) Teachers killed, they refuse to go back to north eastern the north eastern leaders run to the media to say that north eastern is safe and they are recruiting new teachers...


    This MY take about life We have three Worlds, THE Earth, the Spirit World and Heaven. 1) The spirit world is divided into two, the dark side and the light side. those on the light side can crossover into the dark side but the dark sided guys cannot cross to the light side. 2) From the spirit...
  10. LINANI

    Old age is an ASS, ask Baba the mind is willing but the body has refused

    Raila Amolo Odinga, are this baba's sunset political years. the fire in him is dim... he no longer pulls a rabbit from his ass... his statements are so mild. the fire in him is gone or what?