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  1. placebo

    Chasing women decreases as you grow old

    I'm 29 and i have realized that i dont have the energy to chase pu**y anymore. I'm no longer excited to play games with women unlike one year ago. One year ago i was always aggressive and always looking forward to the thrill of a new pu**y. Yesterday, i was imbibing beer at my local. It is very...
  2. placebo

    How much does a professor in Kenya earn?

    How much does these people in academia earn? 1. A lecturer with a masters degree? 2. A lecturer who just finished his PhD? 3. A professor? Is there a difference in the earning between a professor at UoN and University of Eldoret? What about the earning between professor in engineering and in...
  3. placebo

    You need to be ruthless with women when choosing your life partner.

    Most men are deprived attention from the female species and they want to settle down with a woman as soon as he is shown a pint of attention from that species.This normally leads to oneitis. Women are very ruthless. She would not consider you as a partner if you are below her class; you dont...