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  1. Maombi hodari


    After a 2 year hiatus,The uncrowned king is back to reclaim the throne. Had to go through my threads from 2/3 years and haven't I changed alot from giving multiple women oystered missionary style to who I am today I see a few VE's left, mimi humwaga ndani bado yuko?Under 23?
  2. Maombi hodari

    Dabo Dabo

    So how many of have slept with two different girls with the same name?I was bored over my lunch break and did a quick tally of mine,I admitt I have an OCD of memorizing all the names and dates of all my conquests so bear with me. My tally is as follows Faith(2) Ruth(2) Rose(2) Chebet(2) Carol...
  3. Maombi hodari


    I think I have an obsession ya kumwaga ndani as per my latest epiphany. I have been sharing my sex calendar with ktalkers since January of which. I have slept with 7 new girls and 4 regular girls since last year.As we we're celebrating Mother's day recently,I did a quick body count of how many...
  4. Maombi hodari


    My final tally for March 2019,it started off a very slow month but got busy to the tail end P.S. Najua nimetomba Pauline sana so msimention
  5. Maombi hodari


    Sasa is the devil pulling double shifts on me or what.This temptation is too much.I have three ladies all wanting to come to my crib kesho to dish out the pudesh. Scenario 1:My main chic who I have slept with twice last week already wants a sleepover again...she's a sex addict I can barely keep...
  6. Maombi hodari


    I've been having a veeeeeeery slow month only banged one new chic and sasa the regulars.I'm I loosing my touch ama it's the peaks and valleys that come with the game. January and February I was averaging a new chic every two weeks sasa hii March ni ukame tupu
  7. Maombi hodari


    My time in the dating app field has come to an end.I have banged 16 girls from cupid and tagged(Nothing compared to @under23 body count of 100+).However,every great maestro always wants a last encore;like how Michael Jordan joined the washington wizards after a stint in baseball field or how Jay...
  8. Maombi hodari


    Each highlighted day marks when I was creampieing a chic this past February alone.I'm a bit extra as I like to include total cost incurred in pursuit of the puthy. I don't understand the concept of dryspell at all.Actually never had one for almost 2 years
  9. Maombi hodari

    sex calendar

    Each marked day represents the day I ferked a mbish.I usually mark the date and the total expense I incurred in pursuit of the coitus.This is just for 2019 I have been doing it since 2017.I banged a tagged thot jana and I've already updated my calendar. I'm a sick f**k I like to quick f**k I...
  10. Maombi hodari

    BidSasa con game

    Who has ever tries this bidsasa online auction?I think they are cons like Wilkins Fadhili. I had placed 1,150/- which equals 115 bids for a samsung S9+ on bid buttler mode meaning the comp would place a bid for me after every 30 seconds. The final bid ends at 373/- and somehow I have "exhausted"...
  11. Maombi hodari


    I'm an avid boxing fight and big fights like this always get me excited. Supersport have the fight starting at 4a.m. CAT meaning it begins at 3A.M. Kenyan time which is highly unlikely coz of the undercards Any boxing fanatics here and which guy are you supporting?I'm for Pacman
  12. Maombi hodari


    So Sato night I was balls deep in some Langata chic who I picked up from the kawa dating app cupid.I'm not going to get in the juicy details of my sexcapades coz jealous no-getting-pu**y poor sods like @Tiger Bone always ruin the hekaya.So this broad was always trynna stick a finger up my...
  13. Maombi hodari


    In a recent survey by Washington Post,50% of American families stated they could not afford a $400 emergency. $400 yaani Kshs.40,000/-. An American will typically earn 6 times the wage of an African i.e. $50,000 if an American cannot afford a $400 emergency fund then what about a typical...
  14. Maombi hodari


    Since Turdmin baptized me like Saul on his way to Damascus I have decided to be a participating member of this forum as well.Si kils saa sex and r^ship. So swali ni
  15. Maombi hodari


    Wadau what is the recommended duration one should visit someone else for?r example,one hour 2 hours three hours? I've had a tiff with a needy and naggy chic who can't seem to take a queue to leave.Granted she has been here since morgén,I literally told I needed some ME time this afternoon coz...
  16. Maombi hodari


    So this happened just today,Some cupid chic I was chatting up last year but never had the time to meet her coz of my crazy schedule.Now that i'm on leave till Monday I hit her up after I saw her whatsapp story she had a big old ass that I wanted to nut in,I called her up and she was in tao...
  17. Maombi hodari


    1st week of January aint even finished and I already got three blow jobs from my women.Na kesho BM is coming over and she's going to deepthroat my deek as well. Getting so much head my mjoules it's start to smell like saliva Ona jealous Mofos like @Tiger Bone be the first to comment casting...
  18. Maombi hodari


    So when I called *Brenda she was taken aback wondering what I was doing in her neck of the woods.I made up a lie about visiting a pal of mine and asked if I could crush over,I knew she is a good host and was worried about not having enough food in the fridge for the both of us so I told her I'd...
  19. Maombi hodari


    So yesterday I got an early off after my line manager requested I drop off some tender docs at Hazina Tower coz of the sensitive transaction it is and told me there was no need to return to work citing the traffic I shall encounter.So I hopped into my sleek 328i and sped off to tao and hand...
  20. Maombi hodari

    Have you ever?

    Have you ever cum so deep inside a chic that your eyes rolled to the back of your head and you had to stay a couple minutes inside her after cumming as you regain your equilibrium?If not you have a long way to go buddy