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    Most Beautiful Women In Sports

    Fatima Diame is the most beautiful woman in sports.
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    3 Potential Wars that will Redefine Africa's Geopolitics this Century

    But Indians own a lot of Kenya na wako tu. I hear Hon Mishra invites Indians and Pakistanis to work in his hospitals they are already a tribe in Kenya so they easily settle here. Not to mention… I don’t think Kenyans are strategic or long term planners. We live for now. In my opinion we’re...
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    Kimani Ngunjiri endorses Lee Kinyanjui as Nakuru governor - amekataa Susan Kihika

    Lee can be very elitist. Whoever advised him to drop his party for a Jubilee ticket served him well. At least now he has a fighting chance. People don’t like Susan either but there are those who prefer her to Lee. He won the Jubilee ticket in 2017 by a very narrow margin. But I hear his future...
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    Safaricom To Launch M-PESA Visa Virtual Card. Alibaba, Amazon, eBay Shopping Eased

    They used to have a similar card with I&M bank but they discontinued it. I wonder what happened.
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    How Does One Get A CR12 of His Own Company?

    E business Make application Official search CR12 It should be around 650. Good luck.
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    Yellow Yellow

    No. Khoi Khoi and San are pure Africans. They have the oldest dna in the world and they are light skin. So probably not. Africa has the most genetic diversity in the world.
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    Miss Rwanda 2022

    I’ve heard these rumours as well. Maybe there’s some truth to the propaganda. There’s a girl who was arrested in Uganda.
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    Azimio is gaining ground in GEMA-Othaya decides

    Uhuru is still the kingpin but not a very good one since he can’t deliver all the votes. I think Raila is better off with Uhuru for the few votes he can garner.
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    Made In Kenya Vs Assembled In Kenya Vs Produced In Kenya Exported & Reimported Back

    Kibaki was a very good economist but not a very good politician that’s why they didn’t want him back in 2007 in spite of his work. I don’t think he would have managed to rule for 24 years.
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    Osha mesho: Mzansi queens

    No. 16 Poshy Queen is Tanzanian
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    Cucu amemaliza maneno huko GEMA

    Some Kikuyus hate Raila more others hate Ruto more. None of them is getting 100% no matter how hard they try.
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    Nigerians shocked and flabbergasted beyond healing by Nairobi's real estate prices

    All politicians & other associates want to launder their money through real estate in Nairobi.
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    Why Some Nations Get Rich

    I think this is basic Arab culture. Even in Mombasa the Omani are the same, children borne of an Omani man & a Swahili/bantu woman considered Arab/Omani. But children borne of a Bantu/Swahili man & Omani woman are considered Swahili not Arab
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    Ndii amesema trees and livestock are the best investment

    Your neighbours don’t complain? Mine swore to kill me - considering they are farmers. I see that Ndii is saying that it doesn’t deplete water in the soil but I’m doubtful.
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    Top 5 wealthiest Kenyans... #4 will surprise you...

    And they will continue to be wealthier (as a community) as time goes by.
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    Shipping from UK

    Are kensom reliable? What are their charges per kg? Do they consider volumetric? @Wanaruona @Sylos @The truth
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    The BoycottKFC trending tag on twitter is testament as to why Kenya's illiteracy levels lead africa

    Even those potatoes sometimes are not actual potatoes but powdered potatoes. That’s why they put a lot of salt and spices because they have a cardboard taste. There was a time have had similar chips until I stopped ordering chips from there.
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    Why Are Luo Nyanza Counties So Poor?

    Wueh. Hapa ni poverty olympics. Kenya is poor except for a select minority. The rest are very close to poverty. Anyway sugarcane farmers should plant other crops. Hata in Central people uprooted coffee trees to plant other crops and the rest of them built apartments. When life gives you lemon...
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    How Poor are Kenyan Artists

    Probably he considers notes on the upcoming album are more valuable and not easy to recover.