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    Explicit thick ( tagged certified)

    Number I come
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    Kalenjins are the superior tribe

    The kale tribe took kenya back 25 years through senseless looting of public coffers and still they are not the richest
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    Arabs Are Buying And Selling People

    Let's go back to our roots
  4. lucasl80

    Arabs Are Buying And Selling People

    And bonobos are busy following religion of their colonisers
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    Maisha ya plot - privacy

    Let arimis be your friend
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    Telegram groups zlienda wapi

    S Tuma link
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    Sio Tribalism But Kalenjin Civil Servants Are Assholes With a capital A.

    If ruto wins the cabinet and all servants will be 90 percent kale those who will oppose will be dealt with
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    Polycarp Igathe (leaked!)

    shiny eye will do anything for money including selling their own
  9. lucasl80

    Ukanda is Now Rich AF

    Uganda is a small country we should colonise it for gold and oil as a gateway to Congo,s cobalt
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    Explicit Shanzu

    Chief guest = uwesmake
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    Fact: Quiver makes more money than the "racist" Alchemist

    Bonobos and alcohol they drink more beer than the white man . Then brag about it
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    Wangapi Tagged

    Huyu si cat fish
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    wangapi hapa

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    Talkers financial status

    Were is rexumbwa, silverback,digi
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    Explicit brownie alas

    You amaze me sasa Huyo ndio Bianca wa kijiji
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    Nigerian shocked Kenya has electricity 24/7

    Nigerian are the real bonobos
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    18+ hapa unamwaga 1litre

    Inbox number
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    Happy birthday sparta