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    17 Business Financials Excel Workbooks

    How much will you make? How much do you require to start? What do you require to start? Get detailed Excel Workbooks answering the above questions about the following businesses: Restaurant General Hardware Fumigation Service Sanitary Bins Services ( Small) Motorcycle Spare Parts Retail...
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    The Kenya Maize Milling Business Guide

    Get this 85-page guide to help you start a Maize Milling business. It contains: 1. Overview 2. The Opportunity 3. The Upcountry Choice – Case Study Disadvantages Advantages 4. Case Study - The Choice of Nairobi Disadvantages The Advantages 5. Target Market Keys to Success. 6. The Product...
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    Wines and Spirits Retail Business Guide 2021

    The new Wines & Spirits Retail Guide 2021 is for you to start a wine and spirits business. It has the latest market facts and financial figures. Contents include: Market Overview Alcohol consumption Alcohol consumption by type Why now Caution ( aka why you could fail) Trends Starting - Key...
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    Starting A Nails Making Business

    Start a business making nails by getting this 60 page guide which contains: Overview Types of Nails What Nail to Make The Nail Making Process Equipment Nail Making Machine Polishing Drum Wire Drawing Machine Equipment Accessories Equipment Summary Example: Supplier...
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    Starting A Supermarket

    Do you want to start a Supermarket? Whether a mini,medium or large scale supermarket get this limited edition 76 page guide which contains: Supermarkets in Kenya Overview and Performance Growth Triggers Challenges In The Supermarket Business Set Up Process : Key Steps Equipment...
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    The Real Estate Agency Business Guide

    Start a real estate agency by getting this 42 page guide which contains: Overview Types of Real Estate Agencies Regulations Skill Required Process Existing Business Models Rent Collection Models Operations Systems Operations Revenue, Pricing, Costs Fee Schedule Pricing Costs Example...
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    Imaging Clinic Business Guide

    Do you want to start an imaging clinic offering Ultrasound and X-Ray Services, even if you don't have a medical background? Then get this 53 page guide which contains: Overview and Trends Reasons For Rise In Number of Imaging Clinics Reasons For Increase In Demand for...
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    How To Business Guides

    Step by Step Guides To Help You Start & Run A Business. Choose from 65 different businesses. Detailed & Street Smart. Happy entrepreneurs since 2015. Visit :
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    The Tyres Business Guide

    If you would like to start a vehicle Tyres Retail business then get this 26 page detailed guide which contains: Overview The Tyres Market Parts of a Tyre Types of Tyres Stocking Key Steps to Starting Location Premises Purchase Process Possible Initial...
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    The Private Primary School Business Guide

    If you would like to start a Primary School business then this 39 page guide is for you. It will provide you with the crucial knowledge you require to invest in education. The quick guide contains: Overview Schools in Kenya Why Private Schools Curriculum Types of Set Ups Registration and...
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    Start A Business - 50 Business Guides

    Do you want to start any of the following businesses? Printing Business- March 2017 - 55 pgs Petrol Station (Independent) - 47 pgs Fish Supply - Nairobi Hotels Quick Survey Gym - 38 pages Courier -- 35 pgs Chemist -Retail - 31 pgs Leather : Skins Trade -26pgs Timber Yard - 32 pgs...