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    Robert Crimo III

    The father should also be charged as an accomplice for facilitating access to dangerous weapons ... Both criminal and civil charges must apply ...
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    Quick Summary

    For those of you still not in the picture ...:D:D
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    18+ Mtamu Sana

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    18+ Wanda

  5. rexxsimba

    18+ Wanda

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    Sweet luo

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    18+ 4ft 9in tall

    From experience...??? :D:D
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    18+ Liz Nyar Gem 2

    Liz Nyar Gem ... :D:D:D
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    Cheating was rare in Traditional marriages

    So clearly then ... Clarify ... There is nothing wrong with enjoying "Bibi Wa Mtu" ... ??? :D:D:D
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    Pastor & Sheikh Hekaya

    I will only comment after I see a pic of the victim... :D:D
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    18+ Janet... Bibi wa mtu

    There are 4 main Leagues in this Game .. - Super League ( Elders and Veterans ). - Amateur League ( Starters and Amateur Games only). - Ligi Ndogo (Toothpicks and Ben Tens ). - Novices. ( Unskilled and Start-ups). Since I operate exclusively at the Top of the Super League , the issue does not...
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    18+ 4ft 9in tall

    She is 44t 9in tall ... Smash ..or ..Pass ..??? :D:D
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    18+ Kitu Tamu

    Ni Bibi Wa Mtu...??? :D:D
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    18+ The Endless Gender Debate.

    Like all women , I guess that they just crave attention ... :D:D
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    18+ Mtamu Sana

    Ms Veronica Wanja AKA Nicca the Queen ... Tamu Kama Sunguch ... :D:D
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    akikawia choo jua tu ,kuna vile

    What Is Dry Humping ...? Dry humping generally involves rubbing or grinding your genitals against your partner’s body or genitals. In most cases , one or both partners are at least partially clothed. Since dry humping can lead to orgasm, it can be pleasurable without the risk of pregnancy or...
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    18+ Njambi

    You've gone too far ... Njambi is from Ruiru Town ... :D:D
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    Hii Ugonjwa

    The obvious thing to eliminate is if you have been eating fish lately .... :D:D
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    From Kampala