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    Quick Summary

    For those of you still not in the picture ...:D:D
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    18+ Wanda

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    18+ Liz Nyar Gem 2

    Liz Nyar Gem ... :D:D:D
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    18+ 4ft 9in tall

    She is 44t 9in tall ... Smash ..or ..Pass ..??? :D:D
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    18+ Just for @digi

    Just for @digi ...
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    18+ Mtamu Sana

  7. rexxsimba

    18+ Maid Abuse

    A Ugandan Maid working in a Saudi Arabian home with a disturbed Child ... This nonsense goes on daily ...
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    18+ Njambi

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    18+ Big Machine 4

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    18+ Bibi Wa Mtu 56

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    18+ Real Progress

    She must have some real skills ... :D:D
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    Miziki Ya Bana Bakulutu

    Miziki Ya Bana Bakulutu ... ( ..Music fit for Elders..) Songbird Mbilia Bel is back in town with fantastic tunes and dance moves soon at the Carnivore Restaurant in Langata ... Don't sleep on this one ... ✨
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    18+ The Endless Gender Debate.

    There is male and female in our species ... Then their are those who have more male than female traits. Those who are 50/50. Those who have more female than male traits. Those born male who think they are females. Those born female who think they are males. All are Human ... All are God's...
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    18+ Sunday Tutorial 1

    For the benefit of the Ignorant and Juveniles in here , every Sunday , I intend to post a mini tutorial for their education ..:D:D
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    18+ Bibi Wa Mtu 55

  16. rexxsimba

    18+ SMASH...or... PASS..??

    Smash...or...Pass ..??? :D:D
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    18+ Kifua Kikuu 3

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    18+ Odd Fruit

    Believe it or not ... That is an Avocado ... What was it thinking ...??? :D:D
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    Teacher Lemmy 6

    Amazing... :D:D
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    18+ Somali women on Boda Bodas

    It is hot in Garissa Town ... Somalis do not want their women on Boda Bodas ... Where is this nonsense mentioned in the Quran...???