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  1. Tia Dalma

    The KES - USD is now at $118

    I remember buying a dollar at KES62 back in the day!
  2. Tia Dalma

    When Men become better than Women This is a long read: ... They have recorded statements at the KICC Police Station, which has launched investigations into the alleged scam. They describe Masinde as an elegant, smartly dressed...
  3. Tia Dalma

    Divorce Cases and Business

    Has anyone heard of a divorce case in Kenya where the Man is supposed to divide the Shares in his Company or it is only the Matrimonial House that are divided?
  4. Tia Dalma

    Why I do not Pay taxes

    “Uncle Eugene (Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa) told me I should prepare to leave for Australia on a government scholarship,” she said, adding, “”That was on March 13, 2018. I was only left with two weeks to graduate from high school. Since that time I have been waiting.”...
  5. Tia Dalma

    League of Legends

    Does anyone understand this? Is there a player here?
  6. Tia Dalma

    Why are being vaccinated against Corona? They made there money selling AstraZeneca & Johnson & Johnson

    Africa needs to think on its own. ... And antibodies from people who received two doses of the AstraZeneca or one dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccines don’t seem to do anything at all against Omicron. In Britain, researchers found that people who had received two doses of the AstraZeneca...
  7. Tia Dalma

    Tumehama Congo

  8. Tia Dalma

    Ever since I started listening to Internet Radio, Classic FM has become very boring But, I still love KBC's Sundowner. I started using internet radio to listen to Sundowner as Radio was not clear uku bundus. The music on other stations, the Djs from other countries are like a whole new level. Whenever I listen to the local Djs, Classic Fm...
  9. Tia Dalma

    CBA loop not working - this is the worst "bank"

    Hii CBA Loop bank account has been the worst experience. Sasa I deposited money, was to send "with their MPESA" account to account. Nimepigia mtu simu kumwambia "nitatuma leo". When I get the free time to use the app, haifanyi! Online banking; again is not working. Is this the kind of bank...
  10. Tia Dalma

    Ever employed an Indian in your company

    Leo nimecheka kabisa Ati, "Our company needs an Indian... This guy's will not buy anything from a company full of blacks". I once died a biashara with an Indian, after dealing with around 10 Indians this broke Indian alinipiga wash!!! Sasa namgonjea. Have you ever employed an Indian? When...
  11. Tia Dalma

    Building in Marurui

    I visited this place and I cannot tell if it is Residential or allows High Rise Buildings? Kuna mtu anajua.
  12. Tia Dalma

    Do You Believe in Witchcraft

    I have just been told a story of a woman losing her 1 month daughter and she says the reason is her grandmother alimroga. Now me I am wondering; she is the same type of woman who goes to church and makes everyone pray for so many things. I do not go to church on a weekly basis. Do you believe...
  13. Tia Dalma

    Tia Dalma's first hekaya - Our mother's tale of how marriage started

    One December we sat down around my ageing father. In a family of 4, I am the only one who is 'married' (no dowry, no church wedding but children to show). I think, my father seeing that our first born is still not married, he decided to tell us a story of the beginning. In his 'words'. "Those...
  14. Tia Dalma

    Single mother drama!

    My small brother ni kadinya (we have fought with so many of his baby mothers wako na chama). He was called by the latest, mTaita uko Mombasa that we had written a parental responsibility agreement. There kid is 3 years old and IS REQUIRED TO GO TO BABY CLASS. Now the reason I was involved in...
  15. Tia Dalma

    Motivation - In a Job what you learn is not what will make money

    This is KQ, head if IT, etc. If you remember the British comedy; I.T. Kazi yake ni MD if he has a problem with the internet anapiga simu Md: The computer is not working Clare: Have you tried to switch on the computer Md: Ohhh, now its working Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V from Business Daily. Clare Ward...
  16. Tia Dalma

    A Case Study: Does Your Degree Choice Matter for Promotions

    Sylvia Wairimu Mulinge (née Sylvia Wairimu), is a Kenyan businesswoman and corporate executive. Since November 2018, she serves as the Chief Customer Officer at Safaricom, reporting directly to the chief executive officer of the telecommunications company.[1] She was born in Kenya and attended...
  17. Tia Dalma

    The problem with being a business owner this days

    Note: Lavington Security accuses its clients among them the Judiciary of failing to pay for services rendered. Lavington Security is accused of failing to remit Sh98 million in workers’ deductions to Lavington United Sacco Society Limited, forcing the sacco to file a complaint with the...
  18. Tia Dalma

    Debt Collection Processes

    Akina @Okiya, I heard that if I make a payment to my loan account which has been in default after 30 days / 1 day before 30 days are over, I (the person who owes the financial institution cash) is given 30 days before the CRB are notified. Is this true.