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  1. S_Lilly

    Tallying Super Thread Part 2

    Would that imply the IEBC officer was involved with something clandestine, who were his contact on the ground and how high up the chain does his contact go?
  2. S_Lilly

    Tallying Super Thread Part 2

    Something very sinister is a foot. What type of security do they have in place? Do they have CCTV cameras and are they manned, the security officers on CCTV duties, are they communicating via talkies to the officers on the floor; they should have a complete birds eye view of everything. The...
  3. S_Lilly

    Would you do it? Kiuliso tu.

    Good Question If I am the custodian of the forms, ilichukuliwaya pesa zamani before 34A and form 34B itoke printing press. Ime sha lipa all necessary watchers left\right, no need for duplicates, sasa formalities tu.
  4. S_Lilly

    Spiritual bondage worse than witchcraft

    The type of family affairs which eventually annoys many people, fools never learn.
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    There is no governmental system that can on itself overcome, bad, corrupt, greedy, foolish type of people. All we need are people with great integrity, fairness and with a lot of wisdom. They could arise from one or two communities but their commitment to service delivery be positive right...
  6. S_Lilly

    Betelgeuse: unusual star behaviour

    An extinction event, There are legends and myths from different cultures which claim people were able to observe large planetary objects in the heavens with bare eyes in the day time.
  7. S_Lilly

    Tallying Super Thread Part 2

    It appears, Jeremiah is so right, there was absolutely no wave at all. He is very economical and careful with the use of his words; interview was cutting to go into breaks … You may all recall well over 3 – 4 years a lot of church activities was going on, a certain scenario, very emotional...
  8. S_Lilly

    Konyagi isn't that bad after all.

    Wahenga walisema, Pride comes before a fall
  9. S_Lilly

    Tallying Super Thread Part 2

    There is also the mystery of disappearing returning officer - the turbo constituency one was a big give a way, he disappeared for a few hours. When he came in he sat almost on the edge of the chair, one had to feel very sorry for him then also for the people of the Republic.
  10. S_Lilly

    Tallying Super Thread Part 2

    The media houses also work together in the background, they have fulfilled their purpose.
  11. S_Lilly

    Nakuru County gone to the dogs.

    No one in Kenya wants streets that are crowded with hawkers, pickpockets in the midst and matatus everywhere, that is why they came up with the idea of markets and designated places for matatus - It is unlikely people so quickly changed their minds.
  12. S_Lilly

    Dragon Fruit Farming; The Tasty Beautiful Fruit In Kenya

    That is expensive for seedlings, with most fruits, buy the fruit, eat the fruit and gain the seed, if unsure you tube - how to.. How To Grow DRAGON FRUIT From Seed
  13. S_Lilly

    100 days of Azimio government.

    True, True but we could also go back 25 years backward. There are people who desperately miss that life and they have fought tooth and nail, to captain the ship of sheep.
  14. S_Lilly

    IEBC forensic audit will NOT meet the deadline.

    Aha, IEBC might have to request a court extension to continue the verification and while at it ....get the Meru, Kiambu. Nakuru and Molo etc votes re -inspected.
  15. S_Lilly

    Uhuru's state visit to Seychelles - muthamaki ameshine kweli kweli, a born leader

    May God protect those islands. Every country has a right to protect it's territory from the criminal element, it is essential to do some vetting, has anyone seen all those youtube videos, everyone is looking for money to come to Kenya especially from Nigeria, those you tube videos ayaya,.... It...
  16. S_Lilly

    Nakuru County gone to the dogs.

    Lee kinyanjui was doing what he was elected to do while others used the season reconfiguring the game of poker.
  17. S_Lilly

    Azimio Kenya mko wapi?

    “You shall not steal; you shall not deal falsely; you shall not lie to one another. Leviticus 19:11
  18. S_Lilly

    Betelgeuse: unusual star behaviour

    Through the ages mankind watch the heavens for signs, the magi knew something significant had happed when they saw the ‘Star of Bethlehem’. To this day they watch the skies, now more intensely for something.
  19. S_Lilly

    Theodore ni kubaya I say. Na nilikuambia juzi ukae chonjo.

    The Chinese steal to take to China, we do the reverse, we steal from our self and rash the resources out there. I guess it is why the Chinese say our leaders are very very… bad people, experience from the project deals they have done for us i.e. SGR. These people or nations the Chinese are...
  20. S_Lilly

    Gov Waiguru - Kirinyaga Rising

    It will improve transport, perhaps get agricultural produce to market faster, less waste. The county will get more revenue to maintain the roads as well as create jobs in road maintenance and hopefully environmental conservation and beautification through tree planting and flower planting..