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  1. Coronatities

    Hey guys! New user here!

    Someone exposed your instagram pic? Naona you have less followers kuliko amputees ... woooooi
  2. Coronatities

    Statistics That People Don't Like Believing In But Ndio UKWELI!

    :D 2 we're dumb and resistant to change. Periodt! Convince us with food and construction industry maendeleos ... EVEN after colonialism. And after having interwebs access ... and just time after time after time after time after time. We keep pissing on opportunities repeatedly!
  3. Coronatities

    Okuyu Tandika Middle Class Mpaka Wamee Akili

    Smh lorries na their drivers on the brain kila saa :(
  4. Coronatities

    MGTOW Mkae Kando

    Wacha uongo. Also, pick one lie. Was i being ignored or are you "giving me a pass", unlike all the many ONE TIME before when you engaged me after throwing a tantrum then blocking me?
  5. Coronatities

    MGTOW Mkae Kando

    Today? You blocked me kutoka that day you tried using the same exact lies you've used against @Freyja today. Ati I'm always tagging and quoting you :D:D:D:D. I was able to prove that up until that day, I'd quoted you ONCE since you joined this forum and it was to call you out on, as usual, a...
  6. Coronatities

    MGTOW Mkae Kando

    Nilikutusi directly ukaniblock tho' :D:D:D:D
  7. Coronatities

    MGTOW Mkae Kando

    :D:D:D:D:D @Freyja why can't you just accept wisdom from Azzhole Ahai?
  8. Coronatities

    Wrangles of inherited land

    Thanks for the correction. Bottomline, that story just wasnt tracking and there was clearly some shady sh!t going on.
  9. Coronatities

    Step father and Baby daddy scuffle leaves the baby dead.... MGTOW Gang must be wetting themselves over this.

    Aaaaaaaa Not really. Its simply because this place is yet another safe little bubble where guys gather to reinforce unrealistic wants and encourage each other to live in delusion which then leads you to become bitter........ hmmm sounds alot like the same description used to describe older...
  10. Coronatities

    Wrangles of inherited land

  11. Coronatities

    Wrangles of inherited land

    Which part of the country is this? I've been involved in that process in three different counties and I've never experienced this at any of them. Even at the lands commission hearing, they bring up this issue to avoid any complaints later. Also, even without this process, how did he manage...
  12. Coronatities

    Wrangles of inherited land

    How????????? If he's already sold his portion, that means the paperwork was changed the first time! Meaning its still in your parents' possession or in your individual names. Also, land sale processes nowadays do not allow even a father to sell property without his family being consulted and...
  13. Coronatities

    Wrongfully Convicted Black Man Is Entitled to No Money from The State After 43 Years In Prison,

    Lets wait and see if he'll be given financial advise with those millions or if he'll be living on the streets in a while...