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    The mark of the beast, economic sanctions & Russia

    The problem with most Christians is that they don't read any other books except the bible. Have you ever considered that 666 could refer to something else entirely? The scholarly explanation is actually more historical than religious. At the time of writing Revelations, the Romans were in charge...
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    Are you aware that when Paul was writing his books he also thought that Jesus Christ would come back when he was still alive? In the next 2000 years almost every christian has been convinced that Jesus will come back in their lifetime. You are not special. You think the same thing will happen in...
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    Why did God create bonobos, chimpanzees and humans so similar?

    1. No one says man came from chimps, they came from one common ancestor and each went their own way. Same way the wolf and the chihuahua came from the same ancestor but they have since changed and none of them would survive in the other's environment right now. I hope you dont expect that one...
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    Lewis Hamilton fans worldwide protest

    If you want to see how some racism is in there, note how they are saying it's about breaking "Schumacher's record" as if Hamilton does not also have 7 titles. They are basically saying Hamilton was so gracious in defeat and should move on and forget that he was wronged. Would they say the same...
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    Max Verstappen takes pole position for the title deciding Abu Dhabi Grand Prix!

    It makes no sense to pit when you're 12 second ahead and there's a safety car because if you pit and lose your first position then the race ends under the safety car, you wont have another chance to overtake Max. Mercedes were winning if all laws were to be followed but that fool Masi decided to...