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  1. lawi

    Baba Alipanda Mlima Na Slippers Akaanguka Mbaya Sana

    Kazi ni ku update status... That line
  2. lawi

    Suggest YouTube channels to watch tafadhali?

    Whistling diesel
  3. lawi

    It's time to move on

    Itabidii watu wazaane sasa
  4. lawi

    ruto wins

    Has won according to Millicent Humangwa
  5. lawi

    Will Smith punches Chris Rock on stage at the Oscar’s for mentioning Jada Pinkett

    Ingekuwa Dave chappele, hangedhubutu The guy made fun of a whole LGBTQ movement and nothing happened, not even cancelling him
  6. lawi

    Nicki Minaj

    Back to you in the studio
  7. lawi

    DJ Lithium Saga

  8. lawi

    Tz vs Kenya

    Anyone can create a currency, the trick is getting people to accept it. -Hyman Minsky eg Cyptos
  9. lawi

    Real Madrid contacts Zidane.

    I repent on their behalf, do the honors
  10. lawi

    Real Madrid contacts Zidane.

    Vipi prophet digi, nipee odds za leo
  11. lawi

    Wengi hapa waliamukia Chai Strungi na boflo mpararo while panyaste alidish Weetabix weetabix hivi

    na pengine umeandika after umemaliza kupanguza mnyanyez
  12. lawi

    The guy Made it... Even your mother loves him

    Anyone in ELd, make the time tomorrow to attend...
  13. lawi

    The guy Made it... Even your mother loves him

  14. lawi

    The guy Made it... Even your mother loves him

    Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rather than cruising all those KMs, KYM arranges transport for his Benz as he takes a flight to Eldoret. Check out the clip
  15. lawi

    Khaligraph Jones: Kunguru Hafugiki

    Hii noogle ina sense despite the name
  16. lawi

    Leaving your wife behind at home

    Damn was this fr? F that dude
  17. lawi


    Are you battling porn addiction and you trynna clear those p*nany images?
  18. lawi

    TV Series that made me question life itself
  19. lawi

    Playlist for the day

    They say history repeats itself. I being the 1st born, I was conceived on A February, that's how I share the same birthday month (November) with my 3yo son. According to 2015 data from England's National Health Service, some 16,263 babies were conceived during the week of Valentine's Day...