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  1. S_Lilly

    Executive, Parliament to blame for Kenya's failures -CJ Maraga tells the Oxford Union Conference in UK

    While addressing an international audience in the United Kingdom. CJ Maraga accused the political elite, in the Executive and Parliament, for “cherry-picking” provisions of the Constitution, only implementing those that safeguard their personal or sectarian interests. He said... “Plundering...
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    Kenya’s super-rich holding more than Sh5 trillion in offshore tax havens

    A think tank revealed the Kenya’s super-rich have stashed more than Sh5 trillion in offshore tax havens across the world. Since a tax amnesty was offered 3 years ago, about Sh1 trillion has been wired back from tax havens.
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    Simbakubwa discovered in Kenya

    The skeleton that is 22-million-years-old, a Carnivorous Lion, has been found in Kenya and named Simbakubwa. The skull was excavated almost 40 years ago at Meswa Bridge and remained undetected at the national museum. The Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, reports that the powerful predator is...
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    The world and it's strange ways: $340 million raised to restore Notre-Dame in less than 24 hrs

    The people or entities in our world are both strange and funny! The church struggled for decades to fund raise for restoration works, in less than 24hrs since a fire broke out at the Notre-Dame cathedral in France, they have secured almost $340 million in donations to rebuild the damaged church...
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    A killer gang brings terror to Kakamega

    A gang is actively terrorising Vihiga and Kakamega villagers. In one night alone they killed; John Shiroha, 65 yrs John Ondachi, 63 yrs Thomas Minao, 70 yrs Linus Anyika, 68 yrs Francis Jojo Osayo, 65yrs What is so sad about the situation is that most of the 5 dead should have already retired...
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    Uhuru’s Agenda & Legacy is already scampered off with the Jubilee Alliance Administration.

    The moment corruption is formally identified as a security threat, the corrupt guns, looting billions should not be allowed to go free, even with bail. At the very minimum they must report to a designated police station weekly and get tagged. Uhuru cannot personally tackle corruption that...
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    Taita Taveta County Govt drills water boreholes for domestic & irrigation use.

    At last we have a country that is addressing real pressing problems. The Taita Taveta County government is for fulfilling its agenda of ensuring residents of have access to clean water. The first borehole is done and they are aiming to provide water for domestic use and irrigation. More than...
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    Western domination in competition with the Eastern. What do we know about the Eastern Power - Russia

    Russia The emblem of modern Russia is the double headed eagle, where it was inherited from the Royal House of Romanov, Double-headed eagle is one of the recurring ancient symbols. One of the oldest found dates back to 3800 BC. "once you understand symbols and their significance, you will only...
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    William Ruto calls on Jubilee factions to end the infighting

    The DP is quoted in the press, He said “Going forward, we believe the only way to have our country united is by dealing away with politics of hatred and tribe and having a national party that brings on board every Kenyan,” he said. The DP also urged the opposition to bring to an end the...
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    Turning sea salt water into fresh water | pure water

    Lets go dig up some waterholes in the semi-arid regions
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    A question of on Sh74bn Lake Turkana Wind Power Project

    Sorry, but we have hunger..... Lake Turkana Wind Power Limited. He claimed that the firm had received Sh39 billion without supplying any energy. Contracted by Kenya Power in 2015 they were expected to generate 300 megawatts of power. According to the press they are being paid for services not...
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    The DCI should call upon all Kenyans defrauded to record a statement.

    When the DCI called on Kiambu and Nairobi residents who have been scammed to come forward and record a statement they did not expect a large multitude of people to turn up. Such call ups should happen more often in order to reveal visually the real magnitude of the problem. Some say that the...
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    Kenya Postal and Corporation seeks E-commerce Partnership.

    Finally the Kenya Post and telecommunication has a woken from a long slumber and made a decision that E-commerce is the way forward. An e-commerce platform would change the face of trade in Kenya and would provide an economic cushion to distant places like Turkana to avert hunger. Though I...
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    Re: Kenya Meat Commission Tender

    State Corporation: Kenya Meat Commission KMC/FA/LS/6951/2018-2019: Frame Work Agreement for Supply of Livestock - Goods
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    Bid Proposal

    Digital Marketers, see above.
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    Crisis at Moi and JKIA Airport as Sh5 billion worth jet fuel vanishes

    The Kenya Airports Authority has issued a notice to pilots to refuel at other locations due to fuel crisis locally. According to KPC more than 7.2 million litres were lost through spillage and another 4.4 million litres stolen at Koru, near Kisumu. A shadowy syndicate is at work at KPC. A total...
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    PM seat with two deputies is proposed to guarantee peace

    According to a report on one of the newspaper, “The Council of Governors” wants the Constitution amended to make way for ‘an all-inclusive government’. Kiraitu Murungi and Kivutha Kibwana have suggested that the country needs to have a President with trimmed powers and a Prime Minister with two...
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    Wetiko - A Disease of Civilization

    Is Corruption our wetiko? Forbes writes, "The overriding characteristic of wetiko is that it consumes other human beings, a predator and a cannibal. This is the central essence of the disease." Predators, "full-blown" wetikos are not in touch with their own humanity, and therefore CANNOT see the...
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    Reference checks can makes characters – Should we make references mandatory for ALL sectors?

    What do you good people of Kenya think… reference character checks need to be made mandatory for both formal and informal sector? We make a nation whose people have a concept of values, what is right or wrong. In this nation no one can hand over a business to another person including family...