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  1. kiki

    Jamii shakes up internet market with speeds deal Jamii Telecom has launched its most aggressive shake-up of the internet market with a five-fold increase in speeds for home and business customers without a change in...
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    JTL Bullcrap

    Hello, With regard to the link's slow speeds issue, we note that you have reached you maximum daily allowed quota and that's why speeds cant exceed 1Mbps.The link will refresh automatically at midnight and it should then be okay. However, kindly reduce usage of undesired protocols.
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    All Star Weekend

    4. A.M Sunday, Feb. 19 - Taco Bell Skills Challenge (first event) Devin Booker (Suns) DeMarcus Cousins (Kings) Anthony Davis (Pelicans) Gordon Hayward (Jazz) Nikola Jokic* (Nuggets) Kristaps Porzingis (Knicks) Isaiah Thomas (Celtics) John Wall (Wizards) - JBL Three-Point Contest (second event)...
  4. kiki

    GSW:Mpira wa Kikapu

    Wapendao mpira wa kikapu, Golden state warriors wako na wiki nzito sana. East African Time.
  5. kiki

    GOK:Oral HIV Home test kit Coming Soon

    Rumour has it an oral hiv self testing kit will be available in public hospitals. Specifically will be issued to pregnant mothers to take home to there partner since some partners do not attend prenatal care. A positive or negative result will still require further testing in a medical setting.
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    House Design

  7. kiki

    Kevin Durant

    Joins splash brothers.
  8. kiki

    Junkyard Satellite Dishes

    Saw these BUDs at the scrap yard. The white is 240cm I think. Can it be revived? Price kshs100 per kilo. @Luther12 @Meria Mata Got this, will customize and use as a server rack.
  9. kiki

    Sevens cup is ours

    Kenya 30 Fiji 7
  10. kiki

    UAE vs The World

    2GB at Ksh 85 per day. Kshs 2550 per month for 60gb.
  11. kiki

    One of the best films of the year

  12. kiki

    Johnnie Walker Ad brings the thirst

    @Web Dev Where did JW green disappear to? @Nefertities Why the down vote?
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    One of the best movies of 2015 you probably haven't watched

    And it's Indian. Download Torrent Recommend other 2015 movies we probably haven't watched. The wave aka Bølgen is next on my watch list. ooh and Beast of no Nation but chilling for the BDRip.
  14. kiki

    15mbps unlimited at 300 bob per month

    Only in Nanyuki and Naro moru. Per device basis.
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    Daily cough cough DMCA
  16. kiki

    Where may I get this hardware?

    Liquor control system - liquor dispensers and liquor controls. For measuring portions ie. tots
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    Safaricom has caught up

    VPN and the likes are not working.
  18. kiki

    Tab Alerts -A great addition to the site

    @admin @Deorro @old monk Had requested for favi icon and my wishes were fulfilled. Please introduce tab alerts. Think about it, no more refreshing the page to view alerts and it allows you to see responses and updates while doing other work. Description: Displays an alert in your browser tab...
  19. kiki

    Pioneer 8650bt

    Looking for this radio or similar with CarPlay. @Electronics4u