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  1. samachel

    Is He a KTalker?

    Juzi juzi, I read with keen interest about a Talker vowing to self immolate himself by way of fire and seems there's someone who's decided to do something eerily similar, albeit for different reasons. Doussing yourself with petrol and following through with burning yourself seems a painful and...
  2. samachel

    Hon. Suleiman Shahbal Speaks

    CAN PEOPLE CHANGE? CAN A COUNTRY CHANGE? Twenty years ago I visited China for the first time. I walked into a computer shop and asked for the price of a laptop and the salesman curtly replied “cantford”. Excuse me? What did you say? ‘’Cannot afford’’. I laughed. How could you assume that I...
  3. samachel

    KTalk FPL

    37 gameweeks later, we await tomorrow's matches and deduce who's the FPL winner, KTalk League. Funny enough, hapo kwa top ten sijui hao villagers wacha tu yours truly who's done quite well considering it's my first attempt. Anyway, next season we should introduce an incentive to make it more...
  4. samachel

    Kusema ukweli Nimelemewa

    Vipi wadau. I need to buy a laptop here in Nairobi. I've rammaged the Internet and seems things have really changed in the windows landscape since I've been a Mac user for years now. The person I'm buying for is a student who's into online gaming. FIFA 19 will definitely be installed in the...
  5. samachel

    Naona zangu ama?

    As usual, mimi huperuse gazeti hii githaa sababu ya kuwa nocturnal and all that. Anywei, sijui kama I have a dirty mind ama editor wa Nation ndio anapenda mlamboz wa loloz coz hii ni nini sasa wanakijiji... Alafu kesho leba Dei so wacha nizime alarm. Damn that Jamey is hitting me hard
  6. samachel

    Imax Inferno

    Almost an hour ago, a fire started and engulfed Imax Cinemax (20th Century) pale Mama Ngina Street. It has now been put out. We hope there are no casualties/fatalities.
  7. samachel

    Finally! After 15 long years

    We are finally in the big league boys. From 21st June, I will be disappointed if the black, red, white and green colours of our flag don't fly around like it's a national holiday. Oh, and viva East Africa as well. Only Rwanda didn't make it... understandably so since they had a tough group to...
  8. samachel

    The Superior Race

    Au sio, village guka?
  9. samachel

    Just call it what it is - Statutory Rape

    TSC: 1,077 teachers sacked for sexually harassing students TSC CEO Nancy Macharia who said that a total of 1,077 teachers have been sacked over the past eight years for having sexual relations with students. In Summary The TSC boss asked all stakeholders to play their roles in order to...
  10. samachel

    Tusker ya Mbirrionaires

    Probably in response to the flooding of the Kenyan beer market by imported esp European brands, EABL has promptly responded. KBL launches Tusker for premium market WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 2019 20:34 Kenya Breweries Master brewer Valentine Wambui during the interview at KBL offices in Nairobi on...
  11. samachel

    Darwin Award Nominee - A literally hot woman

    Lakini nini husumbua watu jamaneni? Anyway, labda this is what it means when they say 'pombe inachomaa'.
  12. samachel

    Justice for the Watchie

    Bulent Gulbahar and lawyer Valentine Ataka forcibly entered Gateway Park with their car and attacked security guards On Sunday 3rd March, a black RAV4 pulled up at the Gateway Park gate on Mombasa Road. As a matter of procedure Walter Ouma, one of the security men on guard, requested to...
  13. samachel

    Toxic Masculinity haha!

    A 19-year old woman and her two children are stranded at Kiutine market, Meru County, after the man she had visited fled. The woman had travelled from Nakuru to meet her new love, whom she had met on social media. The two, who are said to have communicated through a series of text messages...
  14. samachel

    Europa League Round of 16 Draw

    Wasito will face the French side Rennes that's currently in the 11th position pale Ligue 1. A luta continua. Yes, it's not aluta... Being half Mozambiqan, I'd know
  15. samachel

    Chelsea na Mashida Haziishi

    The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has sanctioned the English club Chelsea FC and The Football Association for breaches relating to the international transfer and registration of players under the age of 18. Read more on @FIFAcom ▶️
  16. samachel

    KTalk Alphas, ebu kujeni kidogo

    Don't shoot the messenger!
  17. samachel

    This is NOT Guka

    Because Guka wa kijiji would never approve of such 'madness'.
  18. samachel

    The Judiciary is a JOKE

  19. samachel

    Wezi pale Kasarani caught on CCTV

    Manze investor ameenda hasara. Hawa wakipewa bullet na akina Pamba, kuna shida jameni?