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  1. lawi

    The guy Made it... Even your mother loves him

    Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rather than cruising all those KMs, KYM arranges transport for his Benz as he takes a flight to Eldoret. Check out the clip
  2. lawi

    Playlist for the day

    They say history repeats itself. I being the 1st born, I was conceived on A February, that's how I share the same birthday month (November) with my 3yo son. According to 2015 data from England's National Health Service, some 16,263 babies were conceived during the week of Valentine's Day...
  3. lawi

    TV Series that made me question life itself

    So a friend lately recommended this awesome series "Cosmos: A space odyssey" Quite interesting to say the least, it left me wondering, how big is the space 100 billion galaxies are suspended in? Was religion devised to barricade ourselves from thinking outside the norm? With all these vastness...
  4. lawi

    1st Hakuna Matata and now our Own Kenyan Anthem

    Our colonizers strike again. Kenya copyright board reply The British Music group Dewolfe replied with this
  5. lawi


    So I faced this challenge in my previous post when I purchased the DAV 650 HTS. @Wafs provided a solution but unfortunately my TCL TV doesn't have HDMI ARC capability. I have a laptop which obviously, sad to say, only has analog sound output through the 3.5mm Jack meaning I'm not able to enjoy...
  6. lawi

    Teamtalk, twende canada

    Hey con noogle, they have finally legalized weed.... Ni inbox application forms...
  7. lawi

    A big win, finally!!! Congrats

    In the category of “Best Rap Act” which had ten entries including South Africa’s biggest hip-hop artists at the moment – Casper Nyovest and Nasty C- Khaligraph Jones emerged top. Taking to his Instagram page, Papa Jones expressed appreciation for the award with a simple post “…GLORY BE TO GOD...
  8. lawi


    Crazy Mash Ups
  9. lawi

    Ebook recommendation

    Am eyeing a certain management position at the company am working in. The position entails lots of board meetings with executives majority of who are of dark triad personalities. I loathe working with such and I try my best to minimize my contact with them but in this case I'll have to cope with...
  10. lawi

    TbT - African Shabba Rank

    Killer catchy hook master = Burna Boy
  11. lawi


    Was listening to HBR, GMITM, and they were talking about some trap guy by the name Timmy Blanco and his duo mate Twenny, they went to the HBR studio uninvited to bust some guy, Barry Jacuzzi". Never heard of any of them so I decided to check em out on YT, and DAMMMMMNNNNN, I was impressed...
  12. lawi

    Sony Home Theater -DAV-DZ650

    So Boy shaud upgraded from 2.1 sayona to the subject model juzi and so far, bass wise, ma neighbor hawapumziki juu ya io 1000w . I decided to watch Sicario 2 1080p mp4 movie which I had in my USB na noogle inasema sijui frame rates are not supported. Am yet to use a HDMI cable which am planning...
  13. lawi

    Now You KNow, CupcaKKe

    Discovered this new artiste yesterday, and honestly I can certainly say she is my favorite female rapper. Kindly note all her music is NSFW. I got more curious and I bumped into this So we now know where octo got those beats from.
  14. lawi


    Hi Talkers Am currently dealing with a huge data list that is in excel na imebeba maformula kama mia, countifs, sumif, lookups, conditional formatting etc. The problem is, the sheet is lagging everytime one is inputting data and its making any form of analysis time consuming. I have even tried...
  15. lawi

    Horse ride

    Today I'm beating you another. Like I always and proudly say, I grew up in the village. I'm a village boy. So I was in class 3/4 hapo. I'm growing up fast and notoriety is growing even faster. I was naughty alone, but with my brother, the level always escalated to unimaginable levels. You see...
  16. lawi

    Ki middle finger nadiny*

    Have a listen, thank me later
  17. lawi

    Which was your most difficult year?

    Came from reading this thread, all those life changing stories really got to me. Pole to all those in the comments who lost their loved ones, businesses, money etc My most difficult year has to be 2015. I had graduated in July of 2014, majority of my college mates had jobs while I myself was...
  18. lawi

    Early TBT : Things to learn from Winston Churchill

    Jana watched that movie Darkest Hour. Really liked the movie and the man who for some reason I never paid attention to neither his famous quotes. No man is perfect and I felt a sudden urge of hate after I came to learn of his war directive against the MAU MAU UPRISING in Kenya. And on the good...
  19. lawi

    This is really saddenning

    Kenya is slowly turning to a desert. :(:(:(
  20. lawi

    Octopizzo itabidi umeka pale -------->>

    Omollo by khaligraph Jones Wordplay on point Laid back beat