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    This is curious

    That in the whole kale nation, Singh has almost 100% support of his people. This include the ones who castigated him for "gulaing" mahindi, the ones who have suffered most from his shenanigans with the maize scandals. I guess blood is thicker than water. I think most of us know Singh for one...
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    Rigathi is too quiet. He needs to talk.

    I don't like it when this arsehole is quiet. Do you know he is Raila's biggest supporter, he will ensure Raila get into State House. Every time this thief opens his stinking mouth voters leave in droves. He should attempt to go campaign in Molo, where he helped in finishing kikuyus with the help...
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    How would you feel?

    If you were a highly trained, patriotic, military personnel reporting to an idiotic, foolish, human being whose only credential is being elected by Boda bodas and other assorted arseholes?
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    Housing Agent needed. Please help.

    Am looking to engage an agent for a 3 bedroomed house in the Mlolongo area. Would be grateful for any leads. Monthly rent is 30k.