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    Raila to be announce as president today at 11

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    At what point did you realise that kiti ime-enda na Ruto ? mimi ni this tweet

    Why are people debating this poll? We long said RWNBP!
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    Now hustlers can go back to their mutura joint biz as new Azimio MPs roll to bunge in new V8s

    Sasa wewe ulichagua mganga, you are rolling in a V8? Anyway, i give you a medal for your effort in consoling yourself.
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    MT KENYA region

    Tell them.
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    Congratulations to the President-elect

    I support
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    What Will Murathe, Atwoli And Crew Do Now?

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    Section of the IEBC Commissioners split alluding "opaqueness"

    Chepukati should just announce the result and anybody aggrieved go to the supreme Court. Koome is waiting.
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    Innovative ways of showing Kenyans who is the winner

    Hapa mt kenya, people have even forgotten there were elections. Me am busy harvesting my carrots only peeping in on the village when quenching thirst with a glass of water.
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    Dalili za Kunyukwa

    Whoever said that Ujaluo ni gharama, deserves a medal.
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    If it's just for lighting, visit a company like chloride exide and they wiil sort you out.
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    Suppose Deep State Announces Raila As The Winner Kutaenda Aje?

    The money spent by jubilee in Mtk region dwarfs what Ruto spent. The defeated jubilee MP's literally poured money in towns and markets.
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    Africans should be let go to their default settings. That is, back to the back waters of civilization. That's where they were before the Mzungu came. They are completely incapable of handling midernity.
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    JWST proves that The Big Bang never occurred

    Those pictures are nowhere near the big bang. The JWST has yet to peer to within a few million years to the big bang if ever. This is due to the rapid expansion of the universe in space and time.
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    From Mt Kenya forest line

    From Mt Kenya forest line
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    It's not in a jaluo DNA.
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    They seem to know something that we don't.