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  1. mtadao

    Baba leading

    Ouch! As at 2.50pm, Raila is leading with 50%plus according to shitizen.
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    Large Hadron Collider revs up to unprecedented energy levels

    Ten years after it discovered the Higgs boson, the Large Hadron Collider is about to start smashing protons together at unprecedented energy levels in its quest to reveal more secrets about how the universe works. The world's largest and most powerful particle collider started back up in April...
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    Hurumia Sonko

    Sonko alikataa kuingia boni forest? Ona sasa kile anadaiwa monthly!
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    The art of coiling

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    The Constitution on sovereignty

    The Kenyan Constitution says that the sovereignty of the nation lies with the people, who can delegate it to elected leaders. The people can exercise their power directly or assign it to elected leaders. Now, lawyers in the village, explain to me like a kid learning how to make a scarecrow under...
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    Africans are the problem in Africa

    Copied from elsewhere Why my Kenyan company has stopped employing Kenyan workers I run a manufacturing business in Kenya and a trading business too. The biggest challenge in my manufacturing business is not power, or infrastructure, the biggest challenge is getting honest staff. Everyone we...
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    I have finally received an email with a link to its portal and login details. The dumb asses have misspelled my name and email and worse, the link doesn't work.
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    Huduma number

    I had thought people are supposed to line up in registration centres to get this number but in my region, a team of clerks is moving from homestead to homestead registering people. Something is fishy with this registration or the government is very desperate for people derails for reasons best...
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    Solar power installation

    am planning to purchase a solar power system to power about 6no lights (but only three would be on for about 4 hrs per day), a 24" LED TV on for 12hrs per day, a home theatre on for 5 hrs per day, and a laptop for 2 hrs per day. What are the system requirements, options, specs, and if possible...
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    Today i attended a burial ceremony of a lady who was a member of the Jehover witness in my rural village.The ceremony itself left mourners speechless when after the arrival of the body, the religious leader only read a Bible verse, talked for less than 5min and asked that the body be moved to...
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    Am sitting at kra offices in nyeri after travelling 70km, to iron out some issues and get a compliance certificate. Nothing is happening ati the systems have been down since yesterday. How can an institution expected to collect trillions as tax for the government be down? Banana Republic Kweli.
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    ..... Meanwhile, its party time in Canada
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    Kenya is really broke

    Today, I received an outrageous bill from kplc as follows Dear Mtadao, ACCOUNT NO:********. Curr bill dated 01-09-2018 is as follows: Active Meter - Curr Read: 6071 Prev Read: 6033,Billed Units: 38KWh, Fixed charge: 0, Cons.units amount:695.4 Fuel Cost and Levies: 130.94,Taxes: 111.87...
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    Block chain technology

    Recently, I heard our dear president Uhuru talking about using blockchain technology in a certain government department, like a pro. Can somebody explain to me like a twelve year old what this technology is?
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    Teaching ICT in a Ghana primary school

    Due to lack of facilities, an ICT teacher is forced to draw windows diagrams on the blackboard. These photos went viral and even Microsoft has said it will help with better teaching materials
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    Uhuru has assented to the County Allocation of Revenue Amendment Bill, paving way for the treasury to give funds to the cash strapped counties, Now will those counties that have passed the people's assembly bills refuse the funding because it's signed by an illegitimate president?
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    “Placing wave after wave of deceptive propaganda on the toiling shoulders of your supporters is not leadership and declaring yourself a people’s president does not even make you an MCA,” said Kiraithe.
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    Raila wins

    Although some dreams are not valid, if by a remote chance Raila, who is already on the ballot wins the repeat election, would he accept the result?
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    Jugaad is a colloquial Punjabi-Dogri word that can mean an innovative fix or a simple work-around used for solutions that bend rules, or a resource that can be used as such, or a person who can solve a complicated problem - Google. India is the undisputed capital of Jugaad, and here are...