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  1. cleo

    Where is Ruto

    Hii kijana ya Sugoi haiwezi Nyamaza sana hivi. Last time kumsikia ilikua Thursday akipea mabaluya chai pale Sugoi
  2. cleo

    Nukisha kitunguu

    Apart from milk and meat, there is another way that you can use to earn income from your goats. Just film them doing something silly and upload on YouTube. Many idlers like me find such videos funny and stress-relieving Alafu hizi ngombe zimepea huyu 13M views
  3. cleo

    No Reforms No Elections

    Since votes are first tallied at Muthaiga before being transmitted to Bomas, this song will be sang in 2021 and part of 2022. However, that time round the players will be different.
  4. cleo

    Watu wako wapi

    Huku watu walienda wapi? I have been exploring Siberia for the last 50 days kurudi naona @digi ametawala sana. Na mbona wanaume wengine wako na feelings sana? Eiiish!! Anyway, I never knew knew reddit was that addictive.
  5. cleo

    Google Adesense

    Google Adsense is becoming stricter as days go by if the new rules introduced by the admins are anything to go by. They had demonetized this website because of the vulgar language. A wise man told me that if you want to create a web startup am almost finishing one, don't depend on Ads. Do you...
  6. cleo

    Team-building Gory

    He is accused of raping a 6 year old and drinking her blood
  7. cleo

    Tough year for the voting machines

    The voting machines are really enjoying the fruits of their labor. The year started with rampant cases of muggings in the CBD. Later on we had demolitions of vibandas starting from Githurai all the way to Westlands. In fact I know of a shiny eye robot that shifted from Allsops-Roysambu-Githu...
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    Naskia iyo duka imeland The Hub. mambo ya kununua hand pump 2500 inaisha ivo. Hizi maghasia zinatunyonyanga zitajua hazijui
  9. cleo

    The state of the economy. Ctrl+P

    Mamayao, In my free time, I roam in Nairobi at night, moving after one entertainment spot after another. It is part of my job. I have been doing this for 12 years. And now I am deeply afraid. Gravely afraid. Guys, things are not right. I got home at 1 last night and I have not slept...
  10. cleo

    PSG natomba mtu

  11. cleo

    Accident alert

    Today seems to be a dark day in Uganda Uganda rally crash: Multiple people feared dead after car smashes into spectators
  12. cleo

    Jane Ngoiri

    Kitu swafi sana
  13. cleo

    Mosa utashikwa tuu!

    How dare you abuse Matiangi and Amina? Ati Matiangi HKM shida
  14. cleo

    Kuchunishwa sukuma

    I thought being g** is a direct ticket to being given asylum. Hii Macharia haihurumiwi
  15. cleo

    Tufunge leso kidogo: Mambo ya Kunguru (Copied)

    When you think you are the smartest, she is 12 miles ahead.
  16. cleo

    RKO+ Tombstone: Akothee 99 Nyakundi 1.

  17. cleo

    Those days

    Kuna time hiphop ilikua tamu sana
  18. cleo

    Huyu ameshikwa

    Do you remember that confession of the wife who killed a mpango wa kando? She has been apprehended.
  19. cleo

    Accident ALert

    Somewhere near Voi
  20. cleo

    Wacheni Hessy afanye kazi! GHASIA!!