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  1. Mauricio

    SoBs wa Jirani watamangwa hadi mkia

    Sisemi mob. Let Bleus hadi haga. Bitch.
  2. Mauricio

    Boateng the stick up man

    Couldn't resist. Die Manschaaft march on. Waiting for the semis na ubaya
  3. Mauricio

    Wild cards wa Euro?

    Every tournament has wild cards;dark horses who exceed everyone's expectations;Ghana in the 2010 World Cup, Algeria in 2014, Leicester in 2016. This year my wild horses are Wales and Northern Ireland. What are your thoughts?
  4. Mauricio

    Mats Hummels returns to Bavaria

    It took 8 long years but amerudi. Signal Iduna inakaa itapoteza wasee. Reus atabaki Kweli?
  5. Mauricio

    Series za Horror

    Apart from Harper's Island, personally sijaona series imekaribia. The Strain episode one season one nailed it but that was it. American Horror Story are trying but they don't leave me at the edge of my seat. Will there be a series that could top Harper's Island??
  6. Mauricio

    Deadpool takes the prize as far as the superhero movies of 2016

    Batman V Superman was a train wreck. Captain America:Civil War didn't do it for Civil War per se just a bromance turned ugly. So Wade Wilson(Ryan Reynolds) with the F-bombs did it for me and it is still my movie choice for action and superhero. With a 31 Million dollar budget, it grossed...
  7. Mauricio

    That moment in the season when you just want to be put out of your misery

    When you have nothing to lose and just want to be put down like a rabid dog. Saw it Man City and Shaktar. The latter was outclassed by Sevilla which is ironic because Sevilla have been awful in La Liga. It will be interesting to see if lethargy and the need for it to be over will kick in. Will...
  8. Mauricio

    When you don't do what "Cholo" says utakula slaps bila sweep

    Dakika ya 90 na msee analeta za ovyo final ikiwa on the line. Kula yeye bare atulie;);)
  9. Mauricio

    City revolution will not spare the old and weak guard

    This season has been telling for City. The recently concluded semi final has shown the fragmentation these guys have had to endure. These guys sucked ass from the minute Kompany got subbed. De Bruyne played like a tired bag of blonde hair. Aguero was left impotent huko mbele. Now, that Pep will...
  10. Mauricio

    Atleti V Bayern Munchen Reverse Fixtures

    I love Cholo but Leo itakuwa intense. All out attack by Pep. What Ace does he have up his sleeve?
  11. Mauricio

    Sevilla and the Sanchez Ramon Pizjuan

    Shaktar Donestk wana mtihani kubwa niaje. Huko Seville ni kunoma. At this rate, Sevilla wanafaa kupewa tu hiyo Europa Cup roho clean. They rise up to the occasion when it matters. Sasa nikungoja confirmation ya wao kuenda Basel.
  12. Mauricio

    Pep's Bayern's semi final jinx

    Will this be the year he breaks it? Is the third time a charm for the Architect from Catalonia? All I know is that the Atleti display today will be tested in the Allianz Arena. Methinks Bayern will win the CL in Ancelloti's era.
  13. Mauricio

    When burn out kicks in Barca

    I am high AF so grammar Nazi watulie. But the Barca game has run out of it's spark coz Caretaker Valencia are doing all the damage at the Camp Nou bila jibu.
  14. Mauricio

    The fall of Aston Villa

    Board choices have landed Villa in a very tough spot. Huko Championship watajua kuwa si ya mama yao. Watangoja miaka kabla warudi. Uliza Portsmouth, Bolton,Leeds na Nottingham Forest.
  15. Mauricio

    Atleti V Bayern Munchen

    So that draw happened. Who will kick ass? Man City V Real Madrid Bayern V Atleti Can't wait.
  16. Mauricio

    Manuel Neuer flying punch fail V Raul Gimenez

    I have seen some really funny goalkeeping fails in my time but hii ya Neuer V Benefica ni kali. Sema kuhata. Die roten will go through despite this small error from the Sweeper Keeper. Someone should come up with a gif.
  17. Mauricio

    Zack Snyder and BVS

    Wah! Venye 300 iliisha why did I expect BVS to be different. Very anticlimactic.
  18. Mauricio

    Captain America: Civil War?

    Age of Ultron wasn't much to write home about. I can only hope this will be watchable. I am Team Ironman
  19. Mauricio

    Vardy for Balon d'or 2017?

    Could this even happen ata kama hii kitu ina wenyewe? Ama the Cannibal of Ajax could scoop the thing because of his goal exploits for Barca?
  20. Mauricio

    Claire Underwood V Frank Underwood

    So House of Cards happened. The critical lesson learnt is never piss off the First Lady.