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  1. Twist6015

    How much the runing speed keep is the most healthy?

    It's no effect to lose weight if the speed too slow or too fast. So what should I to do?
  2. Twist6015

    Will you eat your nasty food for health?

    If the study shows that the food of you hate is beneficial to your body, will you eat it?
  3. Twist6015

    How long you sleep at least every day?

    How much time you need for sleep?
  4. Twist6015

    what kind of drink I should use after long-distance running?

    I'm dry, hot and tired after runing. I want to drink cold water, but it's disadvantage to body. So I should use which drink.
  5. Twist6015

    why not one nation want to host Olympic Games now?

    Budapest gives up 2024 Olympic Games as growing Budapest's popular opposition. In the mean time, the city of apply for hosting Olympic Games is decreasing. Why happen this matter?
  6. Twist6015

    Can Coffee, Tea Protect the Liver From Bad Diet?

    Over the past decades, we gradually deviated towards more unhealthy habits, including a sedentary lifestyle, decreased physical activity, and consumption of a 'happy diet
  7. Twist6015

    Is it right drink a cup of tea after a meal?

    I hear there is no profit that a cup of tea after a meal . Is it right? Why? I want to know the reason because I like drink tea. Thank you for your help.