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  1. Stony

    Twisted Worlds (A long read, longer than Obado’s misfortunes.)

    If you are old with a balding head, you may recall my encounter with Ndila, the Kamba beauty who swung her long leg over my back to heel in my package into her womanhood, almost making me cum through my mouth, nose, and eyes. For Ndila, I became a repeat customer for many days and weeks to come...
  2. Stony

    Map Interpretation and Geospatial Analysis

    This is an introductory course to the art of interpreting female geography using photography. The skills gained under this unit will help the learner to prepare for and effect HKM missions with high success. For this lesson, we shall use the photograph below (see fig.1) as our main learning aid...
  3. Stony

    Kambaland Legs

    YEAR: The first decade of the third millennium LOCATION: Somewhere in Kambaland MISSION: To empty my scumbag cost effectively In search of greener pastures and adventure, Stony lands in Kambaland. He works in the security industry, just like Pamba, only that he has neither a gun nor...
  4. Stony

    When Anger Drove me to Push Boundaries (Part 1)

    Now that my heart valves are starting to flap as they threaten to quit like those of Guka, I believe it is time the likes of Mtoto mzima had an opportunity to learn from some mistakes of my youth. In the same spirit, pink handles accommodating present and future Gukas will get the rare chance to...
  5. Stony

    The Dangers of Bagging the Kanunu Late

    MEMO To: All Old Monks, From: An Older Monk. Re: The dangers of bagging the kanunu late. I hereby take the liberty to dole out some precious nuggets of wisdom to all contemporaries of Kim Jung-Monk, previously known as Old Monk. It’s not that I have discovered the green miracle weed like my...
  6. Stony

    Oga Goodluck Incognito

    A very smart strategy from Oga Goodluck. He removes the hat and he becomes incognito, instantly. You wouldn't be too sure that you haven't lost some money to the guy.
  7. Stony

    Tale of my lesbian room-mate..Pt 2 b (wankers’ version)

    So am here, nacheki porn and sweating profusely, I feel guilty as if am cheating on God. Puthe strategically sits beside me. The other girl is impressed. She is describing things I never heard before. Never even seen. Puthe leans to tell me something, and I convince myself am straight, I am...