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    Cheki maneno masinga

    BTW mabillionaire huwa na real sports cars mbona huwa hawakuji hizi pande. Zile za kina dj ck, huku ni subaru tu na mitsubishi
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    Do good and good will follow you

    Came across this and thought i should share with fellow talkers Once in a while its good to 'Tenda wema and nenda zako'
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    Need help villagers

    Over the weekend, I was at a popular club in kasarani drinking alone and was approached by two ladies at around 1 pm to join my table. when was about to go home, I threw caution to the wind since I was excited and I gladly accepted their company. I was drugged and they withdrew money from my...
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    TEDx talks in kenya - lavington women

    We need more of these.
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    Best Female stand up comedian

    You have to give it up for Lisa Lampanelli Wish there could be a Kenyan Version (Fisilet) stand-up comedian performing for an hour
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    Trump Announces the end of TPP

    China is going down since they are the ones who have been ripping huge from this partnership.( Trans-Pacific Partnership) Most if not all of U.S goods are manufactured in China on the other hand, which country manufactures anything for china or rather exports to china.
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    Business tips from the Don Himself

    Some interesting perspectives to note China devalued its currency a few years ago so as to kamua other countries proper (make companies from other countries difficult to compete with them) Cost of war in trillions yet they have a budget deficit of trillions US spent 5 billion dollars on a...
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    Ndio hii jangili inatukamua hadi kwa settings Transcend media which mike njeru is a director has been mentioned on almost all the scandals. NYS MOH
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    Top up you Loan at Co-operative bank at 14.5%

    They have pulled a fast one. Co-operative Bank on Friday became the first lender to direct its managers to comply with the new interest capping law . The decision was taken even as banking stocks continued to fall by big margins for the second day running. Managing director Gideon Muriuki...
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    Mharo news not giving credit

    This Meffi of mharopost needs 2 hot slaps and sweep for not accrediting where he got the story from the way we do here after C & P.
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    How to choose the healthiest drinks

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    Data mining in kenya

    I have i question to talkers, is data mining and harvesting in kenya legal? I mean scraping websites like olx for example for stuff like emails, phone numbers, photos, documents and anything. And again is there a demand for such and where can one sell the data?
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    Bachelor of Raila Studies

    Now this guy has that and masters as well
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    How Start-ups start: The story of Tala Loan App

    You have to have a clear vision of your product and how it will help the end user. A big thumbs up to Shivani Siroya for coming up with a smart loan for people with no credit history. Not like Safaricom waiting for other to innovate then they copy. I always wonder do people have to come from...
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    Epic one Liners

    Epic one liners for the cold evening
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    Moses Kuria Calls for "Raila's Assassination"

    A one and half minute video of the MP making the inciteful remarks immediately went viral on social media with Majority of Kenyans calling for his arrest. “Nyumba ni murathikiriria? Nindiraheiruo wira nimukuona ta nguhota? Matige guitigira, Muthama, na Orengo na nyina moke othe. Ni mui...
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    Bandit Social Media and blogger mafias

    #ferkbanditbloggers Dear Kenyans, Our attention has been drawn to a hate anonymous document circulated on social media on the shareholding structure of the bank. We wish to put the following on record: The listing of Co-operative Bank was over 8 years back in year 2008. This was vide an...
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    Business opportunity - betting bot

    Some years back when forex trading was the thing, there used to be forex software s that could make you money without lifting a finger. I understand there are some entrepreneurs who have offices in town and have employed like 10 people to place bets on a daily basis. What if someone in this...