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  1. MayDay

    Sending parcels from Kenya to the US

    All these brands (kentex and co) advertise sending items from USA to Kenya but none send parcels from Kenya to the US? Do we have such companies that consolidate items and ship to the US? DHL, TNT and other similar companies ar too expensive, do we have a cheaper alternative?
  2. MayDay

    Men want sex , women want love

    This has to be one of the biggest lies to ever spread on the face of the earth. This is one of those lines that are propagated by feminists in the society to program us into beta males who chase after women like a fly chases the honey trap. Scratch that , women want dominant men , alpha males...
  3. MayDay

    Heavy equipments za construction.

    Im told having concrete mixers and hoisters for hire is good business . Who has experience in the mjengo business asaidie
  4. MayDay

    Join the Caravan of Love

    My People; All your chanting, marching, voting picketing and boycotting will not change a thing; you will never right the wrongs of this world. The only thing your activity will accomplish is to make some of you feel better. Such activity makes powerless people feel useful, and provides them the...
  5. MayDay

    Adrien Bronner vs Mikey Garcia

    I missed the fight but from the highlights it's clear that AB got real beat up. He worked on the inside way too late in the game and his career is fast fading. I think he fucked up when he bought too much into the Mayweather hype and forgot he was a fighter not a showman. Boxing fans ..what...
  6. MayDay

    Museveni on Al Jazeera

    You never corner Museveni; Museveni corners you. He is simply man handling this journalist
  7. MayDay

    A career in espionage

    Since enzi za 007 ; espionage has always been a viable career. I have tried my hand on many options but being a spy for the glory of the nation sounds like an awesome career choice. Kijiji; how does one get on becoming a spy?
  8. MayDay

    Direct Translation gone wrong

    Sometimes using direct translation leads to more bad than good
  9. MayDay

    This Vice called (Betting)Gambling

    Gaming ,Gambling or Betting This vice should be treated like any other vice such as smoking and drinking . Its highly destructive and a real silent killer . Any form of gambling communications should come with stern warning just like alcohol and cigarettes . Bet responsibly; gambling can...
  10. MayDay

    Leaders back deployment of KDF to North Rift

    Now watch and see. War crimes zile zitatokea io mtaa ni zile was gwan. Reminds me of the horrors of Mt Elgon
  11. MayDay

    Nganya Business or FHs

    Who has insights into this business? Is it worth it ? I know the risks almost out weight the benefits but this industry is far from dead .
  12. MayDay

    HIV Home testing kit

    Where do I get these things ?
  13. MayDay

    Anonymous pawned the Kenyan Foreign Affairs Ministry

    Control-C Control V The online hacktivist Anonymous has conducted a sophisticated cyber attack on the government of Kenya by breaching its Foreign ministry server, stealing a trove of data and ending up leaking some of it on the Dark Web. The cyber attack was conducted under the banner of...
  14. MayDay

    Germany vs France

    Euro has been full of shockers but this one is a real shocker. I strongly believed the team that got out of the Italy vs Germany scuffle would win this thing. Seems we in for bigger suprises. Football is just that.Football
  15. MayDay

    Terrorism ; born and raised in the ME

    Warning : Longest Read The dexterity of this journalist from Esquire wowed me. How do you write such a detailed expose in such few hours. I will copy paste a short paragraph to avoid hurting KTalk SEO. It finally explained why places like Riyadh and Qatar or Dubai. There is zero terrorism...
  16. MayDay

    Safaricon vs Celtel I mean Zain or it Airtel

    I heard a huge bang nikadhani its a gun shot which seem to go off on a minute basis these days(another youth shot down) , but kumber it was Airtels. At first they seemed to have a strong case against safaricom which its true its already a juggernaut. Then talks of the mobile telephony business...
  17. MayDay

    Body Count

    Two mysterious deaths of prominent people in high profile cases in a span of weeks 1. Nairobi lawyer Geoffrey Oriaro who filed a petition that led to the ouster of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Com- mission (EACC) chiefs was yesterday found dead in a swimming pool at a Mombasa hotel. 20th August...