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  1. Solo_Mon

    laptop below 25k

    am selling hp probook core i3 4520 has 3gb ram and 320gb harddisk.. windows 7
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    @Okiya usiende please. ulinisaidia sana with my financial management exams and i really passed; and i havent rewarded you yet:) you'll be missed with matters economy and finance.
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    God does not live in the sky. God is a spirit and a spirit does not live on air.
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    Dry spell ni mbaya

    hahaha... chukua like though nashuku hik umeiba
  5. Solo_Mon

    UCL DRAW 1/4 finals

    Juventus ndio dawa ya real madrid... Juventus to qualify for the semis ! they eliminated real madrid a while back and now they're red hot! remember this juventus last year eliminated barca
  6. Solo_Mon

    I need help tackling this question on Shares/Return on Investments

    Erokamano @Okiya you're a genius. ive been pulling my hair all afternoon, seems like u solved it in less than 5. Nitakutafuta ukunywe a crate of your choice.
  7. Solo_Mon

    I need help tackling this question on Shares/Return on Investments

    I hope you're all having a fantastic evening guyz. My afternoon has been hectic trying to google this question to no results and its due tomorrow. If you can aid, please feel free. thank you ! . @M2Random uses a 20% hatch system of timing when to invest in a stock market. In a given year, the...
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    Am here to learn uwanja ni wenu

    i know you've heard of HIKvision ? that'll be your largest competitor in the cctv market as last week I saw them at the workplace installing some types of cctv ive never heard of. one was called "fisheye" as it captures 360 degrees after being mounted on the roof; amazing stuff. the others are...
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    I'M BACK!!! N' The hustle is real ???

    Black panther Dj Afro edition inaendelea gikuyu Tv...
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    Ac Milan vs Arsenal last 16 Europa draw

    nishow hizi GG mbili kabla odds zishuke
  11. Solo_Mon

    A worthwhile T.B.T hapo zamani za kale

    noma sana... what's the story behind this ?
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    most of the loses are from away teams and this is the main reason I never bet on away no matter how dominant and favorites they are. I always stick to home wins and stake large. Home za leo nilipea Young boys, feyenoord, atletico madrid, porto, midtjylland, AEK athens and olympiacos. am waiting...
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    Those asking for a business Idea

    Anto ati quickie na mboch huitwa "minute maid?
  14. Solo_Mon

    Natafta Laptop

    Machine ni safi sana kwani how old is Direct x 12? the intel hd graphics aint a gaming card thats why the machine comes with 2 cards so as to switch for graphics demanding apps. ni sawa saka ingine kama hii haikubambi basi
  15. Solo_Mon

    Natafta Laptop

    I agree Nvidia geForce is superior but there are AMD powered machines which are at par with Nvidia powered machines. mine runs smoothly when using graphics demanding apps like Autocad Autodesk, games like fifa 18, pes 2018, gta, COD are also fine. shida ni machine yako labda ram
  16. Solo_Mon

    Natafta Laptop

    Bro, lenovo g500 has different models. there is one which has only a single intel HD 4000 graphics card and has lower specs and there is another model like the one am using it has the above specs that I have mentioned up there. why should I lie to you? you can contact me I send you the photos...
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    Natafta Laptop

    2GB memory AMD RADEON
  18. Solo_Mon

    Trade in phones

    join group ya telegram "soko nyeusi" or their f.b page utapata ! olx is another free market place
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    Natafta Laptop

    New lenovo g500 Has 2 new batteries-4 hours @least, charger available processore core i5 ram 8GB harddisk 1 TB it has 2 graphics card. on light apps it uses intel 4000 HD graphics and on heavy graphic apps and games it switches to AMD RADEON 8800M.. has direct x 12 meaning any game runs smoothly...
  20. Solo_Mon

    Men's seeds

    the "others" were'nt yours mate