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  1. samachel

    Digi police

    Ndio ukaamua better kudandiia KBS badala ya kudandiwa ukiwa ndani
  2. samachel

    My encounter with a jinni

    It was the alcohol buddy. But on the other had...the prints on the floor sway matters to the contrary.
  3. samachel

    My encounter with a jinni

  4. samachel

    True vs False Salvation

    You are the one who's used the word must which is in agreement with what the Scriptures state. There's no other way to the father apart from me (Jesus said) John 14:6 Only the blood of Jesus can take away the sins of the world; 1 Pet 1:18-19 If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and...
  5. samachel

    Now you know

    That's not it Chief!
  6. samachel

    Michelin Rolls Out an Airless Tire That Will Be "Puncture-Proof"

    Watu wa kadunga itabidi reinvention of biz model.
  7. samachel


    The only positive is that their rise leaves for us straight folk more womenz. But then again, kuna pia malele so :( Wote ni bure tuuu. They need Jesus.
  8. samachel

    This is Guka - Kwani How Strong is the Fat People God?

    I've never understood why some people wish you death but now I understand.
  9. samachel

    Top 3 TV Series

    1. Game of Thrones 2. Breaking Bad. 3. True Detective Bonus: Real Househelps of Ongwaro.. that isht is hilarious
  10. samachel

    True vs False Salvation

    Without Christ, any other means is nothing but being religious. He paid the ultimate price.
  11. samachel

    S8/S8+ missing sim toolkit issue.

    Owned it some time back, never had such an issue
  12. samachel

    Anyone who would be interested in over 1,400 movies?

    May your hustle succeed for you're one patient person.
  13. samachel

    Holiday tunayo hatuna

  14. samachel

    Christianity is the greatest fraud on earth

    Always looking for someone to blame eh? Jesus himself was more black than He is white :D
  15. samachel

    Concern over a high number of obscenity over the weekend

    They're but linguistics in terms of natural intellect.
  16. samachel

    The First Inhabitants of Asia Were Black...

    The skull of Qafzeh is similar in shape to our continent.
  17. samachel

    A life changing experience

    I'm sure if you're a frequent traveller and financially sound, then you're certain to get all the visas but the processes would be draining. If I'm not wrong, it is only Indonesia on that list that doesn't require Kenyans to acquire it. Ata Reunion Island though geographically in Africa, lazima...
  18. samachel

    Concern over a high number of obscenity over the weekend

    Proficiency in a foreign language is not a measure of intelligence.
  19. samachel

    ZUKU. Will browsing speed be affected by a drop from 30mbs to 5mbs

    A bit unrelated but I'm a happy Safcom Home user. You might wanna consider them.
  20. samachel

    This is Guka - Tufungue Roho. Have You Gone Hungry?

    It was the most painful thing to happen as a kid, second only to having the house locked by the landlord. When tough times come along, do not despair and more importantly, never forget where you've been in order to be compassionate unto others.