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  1. Jaymosheriff


    Who will blink first?? sisi kama man u we have our own arnold to slow down sane. football is the game, Red is the colour
  2. Jaymosheriff

    Barcelona vs Chelsea

    Mancity 1 Basel 2 Manchester 1 Sevilla 2 Besiktas 1 Bayern 2 Barcelona 1 Chelsea 2 :-):O
  3. Jaymosheriff


    Have you noted that of late ni NV who have been updating the site???. Before this new kenyatalk I used to read all thread till I get dizzy even without finishing to read all. But since the new kenyatalk unapata tu the same thread you read since morning dio tu unapata jioni. My Conclusion: New...
  4. Jaymosheriff

    Kamba lady

    #Stolen I had banged so many ladies in my entire life as a gym trainer but wasnt lucky enough to meet their queen. The Kamba one. Rumor had it everywhere they were nice especially in Lungula. Next to my apartment was one, a househelp with two large juicy bums who always knocked on my door for...
  5. Jaymosheriff

    Uncle Uwes

    please give me ile link ya site yako. Thank-you
  6. Jaymosheriff


    The day is today, all the premier league superior coaches will have the chance to prove themselves the right way. The first trophy of the season who will rift it??? Will murinyo beat Antony? ??? Legoooooooo.
  7. Jaymosheriff

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    The biggest day of the year is here! Borussia Dortmund have confirmed that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Arsenal is done. All @uwesmake is waiting for now is the pictures of him in the kit...
  8. Jaymosheriff

    Ole weru once again

    You can never trust any of these persons you meet in these streets of shosho media..nefa efa. The other day this persons came to my house..apparently she was coming for lunch, but even before lunch was ready, kababa had already found ‘its’ way to canaan. I think it was just a case of two people...
  9. Jaymosheriff

    Ole weru

    As i have told you before, several years ago I used to live in the Eastest part of Nyairofi, where problems and life challenges first gather every morning before spreading to other parts of the city. Back then, life had beaten me m-stick completely, and i literally used to live hand to nose to...
  10. Jaymosheriff

    Opposition against mancity

    Praying Manchester city to drop point hadi tisa(9). shida ni nimeipea kichwa, hii ndio shida ya betting. You want them to win ukamue muhindi but on other hand unataka wachapwe.
  11. Jaymosheriff


    Hii jahnuari laazima tukamua muhindi. Arsenal X Liverpool win. Man U win. Chelsea X 0:0
  12. Jaymosheriff


    Chelsea Win Man U win And the big game will be tomorrow, unbeaten will end. leteni stake za leo wadau. Won't give up can't give up and will never ever give up on betting @1776 songea kidogo
  13. Jaymosheriff


    i was remembering my childhood i was born in a village where alcohol was sold too much and this saw too many family breakups my dad was tthen a drunkard and i felt the pain of being in such a family villagers and leaders had to come up with a strategy to end it all but no matter how much they...
  14. Jaymosheriff


    I just turned 28yrs last year Nov. Now everyone is looking at me as if nishafika menopause ......swali ni at what age mwanaume anafaa kupata K-gas(wife)
  15. Jaymosheriff


    someone help me, where I can get a perfume by the name; Airways. have been searching for it badoh sijasaidika... Asande
  16. Jaymosheriff

    Official FA CUP 3rd round

    Your predictions @1776
  17. Jaymosheriff

    Maina Kageni

    36 extremely used words in 2017 ...which one was yours? 1. Tibim 2. Kumira kumira 3. NASA hao 4. We shall revisit 5. Slay 6. The law is clear 7. Boy Child 8. Resist 9. Wakirusha tunarusha 10. SGR 11. Canaan 12. Mtajua hamjui 13. Vindu Vichenjanga 14. Wakiapisha tunaapisha 15. Tano tena 16. Minji...
  18. Jaymosheriff

    Sir Alex Ferguson has paid tribute to old foe Arsene Wenger

    Arsenal boss beat his Premier League record. In presiding over Arsenal's 1-1 draw at West Brom, Wenger reached 811 Premier League games in charge - one more than Ferguson did at Manchester United.
  19. Jaymosheriff

    @culture njoo

    You innocently log on Facebook seeking for God's word aka "Kiugo" and there is WANJIKU ako LIVESTREAM "Kilimani Mums & Deacons" twerking in her bedroom lakini next to her BED kuna STOVE, unga ya Ugali, Mtungi ya maji and a baby crying in the background and all WANJIKU can do is scream at the...
  20. Jaymosheriff


    Researchers have reported that there is a gel injection for men that completely prevents pregnancy.Men would you consider/agree to be injected ?