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  1. Stony

    Mboch mlunje,never again

    Ile ushamba, ujinga, na upuzi employers wako nayo ndio mingi. You know that her pay is not commensurate with the work she does. You know that what you pay her cannot meet her needs. Why not give her some fringe benefits here and there, the kind that will not cost you anything. Give her clothes...
  2. Stony

    Twisted Worlds (A long read, longer than Obado’s misfortunes.)

    If you are old with a balding head, you may recall my encounter with Ndila, the Kamba beauty who swung her long leg over my back to heel in my package into her womanhood, almost making me cum through my mouth, nose, and eyes. For Ndila, I became a repeat customer for many days and weeks to come...
  3. Stony

    EDM World Mourns Avicii

    Ata mimi nilikuwa nafikiri ati avicii ni Deorro.
  4. Stony

    When opportunities come knocking- #GITHERIMANCHRONICLES

    They have just ruined a normal life with their greed.Believe me.
  5. Stony

    Sema insomnia...Can't sleep

    4.Beware of strangers who offer unsolicited help.They have your back in mind,literary.
  6. Stony

    catholic nun

    Usijali, utakuja patana na mmoja. Kumwaga huwa sio guaranteed;ina_depend na imani yako.
  7. Stony

    Lady killed alongside Chris Musando identified

    This native was tapping top grade ass.
  8. Stony

    is it wrong to have sex in the presence of her brother?

    Ndio sababu utakufa ukiwa caretaker na slippers zako za blue :D:D:D
  9. Stony

    is it wrong to have sex in the presence of her brother?

    Hekaya iko juu sana. Lakini kuchukua slices iyo design ni ngumu kiasi.
  10. Stony

    Map Interpretation and Geospatial Analysis

    This is an introductory course to the art of interpreting female geography using photography. The skills gained under this unit will help the learner to prepare for and effect HKM missions with high success. For this lesson, we shall use the photograph below (see fig.1) as our main learning aid...
  11. Stony

    Kambaland Legs

    YEAR: The first decade of the third millennium LOCATION: Somewhere in Kambaland MISSION: To empty my scumbag cost effectively In search of greener pastures and adventure, Stony lands in Kambaland. He works in the security industry, just like Pamba, only that he has neither a gun nor...
  12. Stony

    allion and premio newest shape

    Doxing thy soul! Next time you see a boda boda chasing after your dusty debe on mgongo road, it will be a paparazzi me gunning for that craved for shot. Team nduthi stand by, your dream is about to cum true.
  13. Stony

    When Anger Drove me to Push Boundaries (Part 1)

    I need to apologize to all those who have complained about the osungu. Some are saying ohh results slip zetu zilichelewa, ohh tulifanya exam ya osungu bila stima, ohh sijui exam yetu ya osungu wali-cancel, ohh fees ilikatikia katikati. Poleni sana. It was not intentional. I was only trying to...
  14. Stony

    When Anger Drove me to Push Boundaries (Part 1)

    Now that my heart valves are starting to flap as they threaten to quit like those of Guka, I believe it is time the likes of Mtoto mzima had an opportunity to learn from some mistakes of my youth. In the same spirit, pink handles accommodating present and future Gukas will get the rare chance to...
  15. Stony

    Zambia prepares for national prayer day to save currency

    At the end of the day, countries may have to resort to Forex controls Nigerian style. Importers of some goods should be denied access to Forex. In our case, the public can be persuaded to postpone expenditure on imported goods.
  16. Stony

    russians saddle to slow but ride fast like light. the end of the american century/reign of terror

    Russia wants a piece of the cake. As history has proved time and again, you only get to taste the cake by raising a stink. Russia lost billions in unpaid loans and missed business after the chaos in Libya and Iraq. It is not prepared for a similar loss in Syria, not after the sabotaging of oil...
  17. Stony


    @4makind how intense is the competition from imported chicken products such as eggs.Second question, which one production factor do you think is the heaviest burden to poultry farmers.
  18. Stony

    Young Kenyans/Africans Can Own the Future..........Here's Why....

    Adopting a foreign language marginalizes 99.9% of the population. I am yet to find a single technologically and economically advanced nation that uses a borrowed language. I see pride in Tanzanians who have decided to adopt Kiswahili as the teaching language at all levels. It only takes the...
  19. Stony

    You are FIRED!!

    Zii. Hakuna kitu tamu kuliko mtura na mara za mbuzi.
  20. Stony

    The Comedy of "Getting Cheated on" - You have to laugh....

    In my case I live by the mantra “once a hoe, always a hoe.” So am hooked up with this chick in a come-we-stay type of arrangement. I am working while she runs our shop. In the evening I can relieve her from the shop so she can go home and do some house keeping. We used to live like one-hour’s...