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  1. kwesta

    Tanga Tanzania

    Hey villagers. I am in Tanga Tanzania for the evening. I recall some roadtrip report someone posted here a while back and while in Tanga they went to those traditional dances. Naombeni ushauri, and anyone else who can recommend something to do here will be highly appreciated.
  2. kwesta

    MS vohra and family members die in Road accident. From ***

    CHAIRMAN OF Sarova Hotels MS Vohra, his wife and two other family members die in a road crash on Nairobi–Mombasa highway in Makueni, Mukaa OCPD Charles Muthui confirms. Very sad considering the patriot passed away last year in Emali Ukambani last year too, following the safari rally.
  3. kwesta

    Countrywide electricity blackout in Tanzania

    Tanzania has experienced a countrywide electricity blackout since 1 pm this afternoon. Inakera sana
  4. kwesta

    Chura virtual card

    Anyone has used their services before? For online transactions or shifting money to PayPal.
  5. kwesta

    Will this work with Faiba 4G

    If I can land them at 3 to 4k the sell at 5k each naona kitunguu ikinuka Christmas.
  6. kwesta

    Developing Android tracking app.

    I remember back in the days when I had just cleared high school me and my friends used to go around the estates hawking our services to develop video library management software and such. Now I need someone who can develop a tracking app with some added functionality to run on Android platform...
  7. kwesta

    Raila to be sworn in 22nd December

    Live from Manyanja road.
  8. kwesta

    Uhuru amefungulia Imports kutoka eac.

    Baada ya mzito Uhunye saying all east african nationals can now live and work in kenya as nationals , I am off to Rwanda and Tanzania to recruit barmaid.
  9. kwesta

    Live from Uhuru park NASA rally

    About 30 supporters in ODM uniform being addressed by a deflated looking Ongoro. "No surrender, no retreat."
  10. kwesta

    Mbona Orengo amecatch hivi.

    NASA was not party to the petition but the guy is foaming on the mouth . Meanwhile, ile petition italetwa after elections, dawa ndio hiyo hiyo.
  11. kwesta

    Asset finance.

    I need to purchase a new tractor for my farm via asset finance. The monthly payments after putting down the mandatory 20 or 30 per cent deposit will account to roughly a quarter of my monthly pay. The only problem is that I work in a neighboring country and bank there too. My question to...
  12. kwesta

    Watermelon ilienda ?

    The man from Tseikuru, Kalonzo is mysteriously missing . Alipotelea ?
  13. kwesta

    Mzito Wanjigi Leo ako live.

    Amesema baba .
  14. kwesta

    Akombe's resignation is null and void.

    just like Babar's withdrawal, Akombe's resignation is null and void. If the aim was to precipitate an elections crisis, then they failed. SECTION 7A of IEBC Act: The chairman or commissioner wishing to resign must do so in a written notice addressed to the President. (Hope the gracious lady...
  15. kwesta

    I need help with online payment.

    Hello villagers. I need to pay for something online, like today, deadline is today. Mypy visamcard has refused to go through. Are there any local solutions where perhaps you send money and they generate a one off credit card for you? Or any links to mpesa? I am stuck.
  16. kwesta

    Baba live press conference from Capitol hill.

    Safaricom ni chieth
  17. kwesta

    @uwesmake and other dry fry experts, prep.

    I will be heading off to Rwanda first week of August kikazi na kukamua. How long will I have to be on Prep so that I can go experience kachabali dryfry, and how long on Pep after that? Na msiniambie kuhusu kaswende, hiyo ni kama homa, na ile gonohrea sugu ina watu tatu in the whole universe.
  18. kwesta

    JKL with Wavinya Ndeti.

    This woman is incoherent. Reading pre scripted stuff.
  19. kwesta

    Quitter's flu.

    I have been a smoker for the last ten years or so, doing five cigs a day, to two packets depending on my mood. Been also drinking, for the last three years almost everyday. Due to some reasons, I decided to cut down on drinking, its been six days now and I haven't touched a beer. My...
  20. kwesta

    What is this? Everything looks the same as the village but its just news items from nation. Tried logging in but couldn't.