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    My prayer

    Riggy G leo ako kwa bank kudai zile billions zilikuwa frozen. Sijui kama tutakula moshele na nyama Saturday?
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    What do you think is the main cause of corruption in Kenya?

    These are worse than politicians. They are the lowest form of life. Wizi, umalaya, name it. What morals can "pastor" Nganga, Awuor, Wanjiru etc teach you?
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    Dr. Lang'at

    Who gives a f**k?
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    Fate is real

    Sawa. Go back to your cave.
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    Kiunjuri is the next Kikuyu kingpin - good that he is back in parliament

    The quality of leaders in Kenya keeps getting worse. If Sonko sticks around long enough we might just elect him as president.
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    Bonobo Leaders At Bomas

    This is your best chance to keep quiet. You are not intelligent.
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    What Will Murathe, Atwoli And Crew Do Now?

    To these people you are the game they play. Look around and tell me how many newcomers into politics you see. These are the same people since kitambo. They just rebrand themselves, this time they are "hustlers", and so every dimwit arsehole of a boda boda thinks wako kimoja na billionaire...
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    What my Kale friend told me

    Ruto did not really need to steal. He was competing with fools with no strategy whatsoever. People like Atwoli and Murathe, halfwits who still pose with bottles of liquor like they can't believe how they got where they are! Who does that?
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    Azimio surely!

    Problem ya wajaka ni kuruka mbele ya ngoma. They start dancing even before the music starts. I am sure those guys escorting baba to go vote did not vote. They simply are not too invested in baba winning. It's like that placard of "I don't believe in anything, I am here for the violence". Their...
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    White Bonobos Kill Poor Freya

    @Freyja kalikuwanga 13000 pounds?!
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    Embu and Nakuru counties will cease to exist as viable entities in 5 years

    Deddy must have felt betrayed by laikipians. He had just built a spanking Huduma Centre at a place called Makutano. I was eagerly waiting for him to come back ndio nipate stima. Looks like that is now a pipe-dream. Kiunjuri will just steal for those five years.
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    Embu and Nakuru counties will cease to exist as viable entities in 5 years

    Kenyans are strange. Laikipians removed Amin Deddy and voted for Kiunjuri, a man who did nothing for them for 15years as their mp. That move left me very confused.
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    Titmas Barasa

    You put a gun to someone's head and go ahead to pull the trigger in broad daylight. Kwani who do these politicians think they are? Why is he even breathing as we speak?!
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    Titmas Barasa

    This is the one case I would support mob justice. Didmus should not be alive. Umbwa yeye.
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    Tallying Super Thread

    "I made you the president", he said. "I removed you from the bar and made you the president", he said. Now, how come you are unable to make yourself the president, ghaseer. You put the country on a ten year campaign mode just to get clobbered at the last minute by a Mzee 30 years your senior...
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    Keter ameanza kuingiza baridi , you too should

    Gìti gìkì.
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    Wasee, kura ni yenu minions

    Hii umbwa huongea shonde juu ya Toyota na Haina akili ikitutajia runx hapa, na mdomo inanuka mavi juu ya kukula majani kama mbuzi.
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    Wishing uhuru good-bye : official thread

    How does his drinking affect you, kumanyoko.
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    Why I Would Never Vote For Raila (And What Some Kikuyus Don't Get)

    Sasa hapa kizee unajaribu kusema Nini? Keep away from that keyboard ukiwa kanusu.
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    This is curious

    This is the kind of low energy low IQ idiots am talking about. The kind of fool who arguing with takes alot of energy kwa sababu umbwa haiwezi elewa anything. Take your stupidity elsewhere mkundu hii.