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    Why Ruto will lose in 2022

    Mapema sana
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    Where is Ruto

    Unajua alipata kura ngapi?
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    Where is Ruto

    The past weekend wamelimana pale kwa matanga fulani
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    Where is Ruto

    Remember this is 2019. By 2022 he will be exhausted. Hapo ndio dynasty itaunleash the final weapon
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    Where is Ruto

    Hii kijana ya Sugoi haiwezi Nyamaza sana hivi. Last time kumsikia ilikua Thursday akipea mabaluya chai pale Sugoi
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    Schupit Horny Chuts

    wahindi shida yao ni nini? Kuna story YouTube hotel attendants walitaka kumolest some female tourist. Na hii sasa ndio gani when he digitally penetrated a sleeping woman beside him as his wife sat on his other side.
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    Malindi Tours & Watamu Tours

    Hata link haina prices wewe uko na mchezo sana hii si facebook
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    Nukisha kitunguu

    Apart from milk and meat, there is another way that you can use to earn income from your goats. Just film them doing something silly and upload on YouTube. Many idlers like me find such videos funny and stress-relieving Alafu hizi ngombe zimepea huyu 13M views
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    Cheptoo, Chemutai, Chebet

    A kalenjin will dump you for the next Kale. Even if you are a kale, he will still go for one who is more Kalenjiner. Yaani ile authentic
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    No Reforms No Elections

    Mubaluya mijinga nakuambia hiyo tearga wakalenjin watakula watashangaa
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    No Reforms No Elections

    Since votes are first tallied at Muthaiga before being transmitted to Bomas, this song will be sang in 2021 and part of 2022. However, that time round the players will be different.
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    Watu wako wapi

    Huku watu walienda wapi? I have been exploring Siberia for the last 50 days kurudi naona @digi ametawala sana. Na mbona wanaume wengine wako na feelings sana? Eiiish!! Anyway, I never knew knew reddit was that addictive.
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    A Ananias and Saphira
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    Update to our terms and rules and how we treat certain behaviour

    Ghasia hii lala. Matako wewe
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    Update to our terms and rules and how we treat certain behaviour

    mimi adblocker iko kazini
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    Google Adesense

    Google Adsense is becoming stricter as days go by if the new rules introduced by the admins are anything to go by. They had demonetized this website because of the vulgar language. A wise man told me that if you want to create a web startup am almost finishing one, don't depend on Ads. Do you...