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  1. meric

    Washing machine, front load or top load

    Both automatic, top load 12kg 45k, 7kg front load 45k, which one do i go for?? Help a brother out
  2. meric

    bet za leo

    sambazeni bet slips
  3. meric

    serious betters

    anyone interested in joining a wsup group inbox ur no!!
  4. meric

    alcoblow court attendance

    hey guys..was caught by alcoblow guys out on 20k cash bail and am suppose to appear in court on monday..what happens if i dont go? what happens if i go? they only took my name, no id no or dl..and the car is not mine!!
  5. meric

    music audio/video downloads

    hey ktalkers, kindly advice on a good website to download music..i was using tubidy na sasa haipatikani!
  6. meric

    watu wa kenya power saidieni

    no elec from sunday evening and customer care is not helping, phase problem affecting several flats !!
  7. meric

    mob justice should stop!!

    a friends cousin was lynched by a mob at donholm on sunday, he was a nis officer and was clearing traffic ndio wapite and an idiot from nowhere snatched one of his guns ,the nis guy shot the idiot in the ass with his other gun and took his gun...some cops who were passing by disarmed him and...
  8. meric

    Rooting Nokia Xl

    hey villagers, asking for a friend... apart from nokia center where can it be routed and at how much?
  9. meric

    Anti Plagiarism program

    Hey good people, kindly advise which is the best/ most effective and free antiplagiarism prig, thanks in advance.