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    Friday manenos

    Leo ni Friday na 30K salo bado iko 29,300 who wants free beer? Wengineo mnatafuta ukimwi wapi hii weekend?
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    Economic slow down

    Do commercial sex workers look for alternative hustles when the economy is doing poorly? Uwesmake can give us an insight on this. By the way is the supply more than the demand?
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    Today's Proverb

    Ya gukua ndihithaga Itina Meaning; When in trouble you dont care about your nakedness you just want to survive Application; Mahali kalonzo yuko saa hii
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    Monday Blues

    Wakumbwa hio weekend ilikua mrefu sana na pockets zina yawn saa hii. Did you spend your weekend wisely ama you acquired HIV or other STIs from your activities? Thank God if you are alive and well coz there are some people who were partying at 7D platinum with you saa hii wako MIA and they also...
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    Gladys Wanga

    WakuMbwa naskia kuna video ya hili jimama likireceive the ultimate pipe. Si muweka hapa tuone kama kinajua mastylo ama ni siasa tu
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    That is how ladies feel when we withdraw unceremoniously . Hapo baba has taken us through a very good experience. I hope men will learn from experience
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    Friday manenos

    Today being a Friday naomba our ladies here on humanitarian grounds wakuje wa reduce my salary to manageable levels . Terms and conditions apply. Sio kusema at 3 Am ati thanks for your company saa hizo I am thinking vile nitapata kinyamoo.
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    Atiriri andu aitu; Kanyoni nigagaka kana Gati gaka
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    What is ailing the Mt Kenya nation

    After Kibaki assumed power in the 2002 that is when the mountain went to sleep and will not be waking up anytime soon until they are in opposition. This is because they felt wamefika. Nobody dares think beyond the muthamaki in that village as he will be called a traitor. This has led to very...
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    Friday manenos

    Nimelipwa na muhindi na sina kampango ka friday. Any pink handle who can volunteer to reduce my money to manageable levels? Hii pesa inasumbua sana nataka nitumie inizoee. proposals are welcome but you must be of low mileage, cute, and be able to do bed maneuvers like fisting, kobe baharini...
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    Sometimes back when I was young and naive, mimi na beste yangu tulipewa our salo na mhindi huko industrial area. Tukasema wacha tuchafue hii Nairobi like other men. so Tukaenda Tanager pub kwanza tukunywe beer cheap before tucheckout club za maana baadaye. After sometime we left for Troppez...
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    How to regain an erection instantly after Kumwaga

    Do you know that after kumwaga and you keep on pumping the penis does not loose the erection? I thought you should know. Try it tonight
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    meet and greet

    Here I cant find a meet and greet category. where do you people get to meet, share , mingle and also hook up? hapa naweza pata kitu fresh hivi ya kutoa baridi?
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    I am new here

    looking for some good time here, someone to show me around and what happens here