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    Post wall ama Pre Wall? Umependezwa na yupi?

    If the first one is post-wall then the second is on the wall, not pre-wall.
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    Horny women 3-4 at the club

    Hiyo 150 ni bei ya Luthuli na most of Nairobi /Kondele in Kisumu. Smaller towns kama Embu Recommended Retail Price ni 500.Demand and supply. You're in better position kuspend hizo beer mbili, photo shoot money,"credo" Champagne money here and there for some regular Friends with Benefits...
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    Horny women 3-4 at the club

    Got no motivation kudanganya on an anonymous site I've been on for years. Fact moja from living in Embu - kirinyaga for years: Most women huku ni kama they don't get laid as much they'd like. Mogaka ya 30 Bob & pombe ya "kukata( in nearly all locals, you can request a quarter of a quarter...
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    Horny women 3-4 at the club

    Was super high on smoking weed for hours so nilikuwa generous and just curious to see where it'll go.
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    Horny women 3-4 at the club

    Oy yes, thighs. Kizungu yangu siku hizi is deteriorating.
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    Out Of Control Chinese Rocket Booster To Fall Back To Earth Soon

    Thanks for bringing this up. Hii ndio kitu watu wengi don't get. The US allocated $500 million dollars(Ksh 59 Billion) just in this financial year to pay off press to slander anything China. So, most negative news or spin you see on China is already prepaid for, ni kazi tu ya editor in chief...
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    Horny women 3-4 at the club

    2 weeks ago, went a club hapa Embu to get some food after munchies za weed. Was thereabouts. Mimi nimekaa pale nangoja food iwe ready, a chick approaches me akidance and sits on my hips still dancing. She's attractive and curvy. Bodywise she's my type. My spider senses zikaamka na kuwa...
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    Out Of Control Chinese Rocket Booster To Fall Back To Earth Soon

    Then let's get back on this "facts" on Sunday when this 20 tonne booster falls "hits a hugely populated area"
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    Out Of Control Chinese Rocket Booster To Fall Back To Earth Soon

    Don't feed into mzungu's rabid hate.
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    Oliver Kahn Ni Kama Hatambui Cristiano Ronaldo

    :D:D He's sacrificing himself to diss Christiano.
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    High IQ Taiwanese wamesema no to Nigerians

    Not formed. Exported their tribal beef and gangs abroad.
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    Pastor David James Manning - Look into the mind of a black man, he doesn’t think correctly!

    @Akon City II you kind of prove his point. To yourself. It's one thing self loathing yourself in your own skin but it's sadder actively looking for some inbred southern pastor to validate your self hate.
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    Al itatumaliza...

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    Beautiful face lakini hiyo si body shaper amevaa( Loft Lounge)

    You just described genetics. It's also a factor in kunona na shape
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    Western is gone. Mzee finally wakes up, smells the coffee, accepts the reality and now he's fussing and fuming like a jilted lover!

    The Bukusu have never forgiven Raila for fucking up Kijana Wamalwa in Ford party. Doesn't help that Eugene Wamalwa is a weak leader with only miopic goals and immediate self interest. Reason Bukusu land has so many factions and parties.
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    Inside SABINA JOY Madness... Malanye

    You're still young and naive.
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    Matusi za Ktalk

    "we are fuckmates ama I love her?" You should have asked why she's charging for the love and f**k.
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    7 Up Documentary South Africa: Very Thought Provoking

    Asande for the recommendation mkuu. Now I have something to watch