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  1. Penologist

    Doctors in the house assistance

    I value this place in seeking my little one aged 1yr 5 months is refusing to take found.upon feeding her she spits it out and thereby refuses to ingest. She is not sick since there is no behaviour change,not crying,just playing normally. Upon raising this issue with friends,they...
  2. Penologist

    Hapa waliguza live wire

    On Saturday, April 27, in the United Arab Emirates, President Uhuru Kenyatta reportedly met with the Dubai ruler who raised concerns about problems he was having with his gold consignment that was to be airlifted through Nairobi. During the meeting, the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, Sheikh...
  3. Penologist

    Across the borders

    Police stations all around Thailand are sending their chubbiest officers to a weight-loss camp as part of a nation-wide program aptly called ‘Belly Destruction’. After the success of a two-week pilot program, police stations in Thailand have begun sending their fattest officers to the Central...
  4. Penologist

    A Candid perspective on govt and helb

    So education cs wants the board to liase with the DCI and courts to prosecute helb defaulters.Yes there exists elements who have refused to pay even after getting jobs but of those who are yet to get jobs. Why not recruit in every financial year in each ministry?look at the current vacancies in...
  5. Penologist

    Entitled to the presidency

    This is good for tje ugandan people i urge them to come out in droves to elect this youth man he is the best leader they have and do they know? This guy is immortal Uganda's ruling party endorses Museveni for sixth-term run Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni. PHOTO | SUMY SADURNI |...
  6. Penologist

    Seat safery belts

    It is a requirement by kenyan traffic laws for every vehicle be it public or private to be fitted with a seat belt.My issue pertains the type of belts fitted into psvs as i believe they some and most dont serve their purpose 100 I would prefer a requirement should not just be a seatbelt but...
  7. Penologist

    you and I know the reason behind this,poleni hata kama mliona

    Ke More by this Author Phillip Eling was born in Australia 30 years ago with muscular dystrophy, a disease that causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. So from the age of five, he had to use a wheelchair. Fast forward to 2012 when Phillip published his first book, Life Is What You...
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    Zero chills

  9. Penologist

    Odds za leo

    Lyon to win Sporting braga to win As Roma gg Man U gg Arsenal to win
  10. Penologist

    of women living in denial

    Githunguri MP's wife denies claims husband beat her up By Kamau Maichuhie Published: Oct 8th 2018 at 17:35, Updated: October 8th 2018 at 17:35 Emily Wanjiku, the wife of Githunguri MP Gabriel Kago, speaking to the press at their home near Kiambu town on Monday. [Kamau Maichuhie, Standard] An...
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    enyewe vifo zingine jo

    3 surgeons seek court protection over probe into June Wanza's death Medics accuse KMPDB of bias in probe into the death of June Wanza. June Wanza who died as a result of complications from cosmetic surgery done at a Nairobi clinic. PHOTO | COURTESY By MAUREEN KAKAH More by this...
  12. Penologist

    The kenyans we have

    'Fake mourners' steal at Monica's burial, sell her photos at Sh50 Monica's family is traumatised by mourners who stole people's valuables and sold her photos at Sh50. Mourners follow proceedings during the burial of Monica Kimani in Gilgil, Nakuru County, on September 28, 2018. PHOTO |...
  13. Penologist

    Allow me to vent

    I have seen some guy down there asking for a job in accounts na nikarelate.take heart bro. Mimi I graduated in 2013 second class upper honors, BA had I was Leo havet got a job. Some of my peers who we schooled together waliingia job as county cadets,probation officers. I have tried numerous...
  14. Penologist

    who really risks being prosecuted if the sugar report was adopted

    my take on the shot down sugar report by Adan duale and John mbadi.why do i circle on the two,my thought is that the chair of tje committee probed all who imported sugar even 10 kilograms. Companies that took the opportunity and imported sugar undeclared not through mombasa port but from...
  15. Penologist

    I thought you should know

    Remember some few years in ukambani,where some fellas invaded someone's house and they had the audacity to fish in his pond and cook ugali,? Ion kaburas nys saga goes to full hearing on September.
  16. Penologist

    Problem with our education

    Irene, who attended Nakuru Girls High School before reading for a diploma in Nutrition and Diatectics at Kenyatta University, and a bachelors degree in the same discipline from Egerton University, was a lecturer at the Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology...
  17. Penologist

    Advice needed

    Guys I feel that I need to do a course on project planning and monitoring and evaluation,a course offered by career point solution at a good price. Now before I pay up I need your advice on the followings Is their cert recognizable Upon completion on my CV can I indicate the cert is from career...
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    Gathoni wa muchomba

    So am a fan of kameme FM and today in the morning was glad that yule jamaa was kutubeba ufala na giant stories sijui anaitwa mezes mezes kenyira was not around. Now what baffled me is that gathoni was muchomba wants to table a bill in Parliament seeking recognition of g** rights is it even...
  19. Penologist

    What is the motive behind all this

    PTA denies assault claim by girl, blame her By Wainaina Ndung'u Published: Jul 4th 2018 at 20:15, Updated: July 4th 2018 at 20:15 PTA Chairman Kirigara Girls High School Daniel Mwenda address the media on the rape allegation. They maintained the girl had sinister motives. [Peter Muthomi...