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  1. Tia Dalma

    Do you really know your wives?

    When I asked about her, I was told she was married to a mzungu in Germany (not UK; they were specific). She tells the mzung her mother is sick, and runs to withdraw money at NIC, Nyali Centre!! Unfortunately, when you get money from nowhere and had not planned how to spend, plus no experience...
  2. Tia Dalma

    Do you really know your wives?

    Huyo dame alienda na more than KES10,000 from 11pm to 2am!!
  3. Tia Dalma

    Niko hapa Nyeri kwa @ChifuMbitika - #Inawezekana

    Just so you know, in our area, the incumbent never stays in power. That is how we have a very well political system. #MwangiMaina
  4. Tia Dalma

    Martha Karua storms Gachagua's bedroom - Karatina and Mt Kenya yote wamesema ni Azimio

    We were at scene of crime in Karatina. Azimio uku haiezi. Stopping your car in the middle of the road to show you have a lot of support could not even work for her!!!! Bado malaya waliendelea na kazi Blue Star. But when Euro comes tomorrow.
  5. Tia Dalma

    Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta Is A Political Genius....

    When he was my MP in Lancaster Constituency, I saw roads being washed away after being re- tared. There I no democracy in ODM. Our MCA was rigged into office as we saw.
  6. Tia Dalma

    Filisika ujue tabia ya Mkeo

    Hakuna bibi mzuri... even the wife that does not look at your phone.
  7. Tia Dalma

    Hii ilikua jambazi sugu wallahi...kudos to whoever killed him

    Being arrested for a crime and being convicted of a crime are 2 different things!
  8. Tia Dalma

    After rice budget phone recommendation.

    Why Redmi or Samsung?
  9. Tia Dalma

    Anyone Tried Pyypl App

    Why is scanning my ID so complicated?
  10. Tia Dalma


    Are you sure this is Avril!!?? hehehee
  11. Tia Dalma


    Born: 30 April 1986 (age 36 years), Nakuru
  12. Tia Dalma

    The new USIU/KWCWC Hospital, Northern Bypass - Amefanya kasi

    Wanaume wajengewe majela. True dat
  13. Tia Dalma

    18+ Revelations

    Even Simiyu knows what ngoko is?!!
  14. Tia Dalma

    Do you really know your wives?

    Pia mimi nimeona hii. On top of that malaya alikuwa single mother and bought 2 bottles of expensive wine!!!! Pale City Mall Nyali!!! Even worse she was seated next to me. I could hear how much she was being paid!
  15. Tia Dalma

    First time Muguka Probox driver perishes in accident.

    Huku Rware lazima ubebe hio mchanga pia!
  16. Tia Dalma

    The new AAR Hospital, Kiambu Road - Amefanya kasi

    It is still cheaper to buy an Air Ticket and be diagnosed or treated in SA, India, Israel for chronic and pre existing conditions. We are burying many people in Kenya! When we ask, "What disease did s/he have?" The answer is "The doctors do not know." or "We did not pay for the expensive...
  17. Tia Dalma

    The new USIU/KWCWC Hospital, Northern Bypass - Amefanya kasi

    Real men do not go to Hospital!
  18. Tia Dalma

    Who is your Wireless internet provider? And at how much?

    Airtel, 3GB per day at KES2,000
  19. Tia Dalma

    New midrange phone vs older flagship

    Sipendi Samsung. Its Note 4 bought ages ago
  20. Tia Dalma

    New midrange phone vs older flagship

    My Samsung Note 4 battery lasted less than 6 months. No update, still uses the Android 5! Tried to put lineage OS. Still trying.