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    IEBC commissioner Justus Nyagaya resigns

    smart move on his part, the remaining 3 should emulate his act
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    We are almost there. Covid czar, head of globalism.

    Great Reset Globalists: “They will own NOBODY. They will be unhappy” The Great Resist is in effect
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    Explicit Mary Lincoln... Part 2

    Shes good , very good
  4. Seer

    Covid vaccine before and after.

    :D:D:D, Hako kamzee kanitwa "Fauci" na kachukia sana
  5. Seer

    Died Suddenly

    beyond belief
  6. Seer

    The Catholic church

    The catholic church will be abolished in the year 2056 due to numerous scandals that will rock it. The Scandals will include pedophilia, homosexuality ,murder, and demonic worship. How do you know all this?- i hear you ask , is it because you are the seer ? No not at all just that they tell...
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    Hivo Ndio Kuko

    Just like a dead man doesn't know his dead , so is a fool
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    Advanced civilisations

    Ya, - even Sodom and Gomorrah were "Advanced civilisations"
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    Hivo Ndio Kuko

    what ??? - why put words in my mouth , are you female or something ??? now am definitely down to your level
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    Asteroid heading straight towards earth.

    Project Blue beam loading..........................
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    Hivo Ndio Kuko

    i cant recalled a time when Nairobi (or any other large city in the world for that matter) was crime free
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    After Kanye West Sasa Elon Musk Ako Next On Chopping Board. Will Be Cut To Size

    we choose to believe what we want to believe, - sources i choose to believe are usually a little bit heterodox, that's because i know who controls most of the media
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    After Kanye West Sasa Elon Musk Ako Next On Chopping Board. Will Be Cut To Size

    He Is Jewish by race (Ashkenazi, fake jews who rule the world) not by religion
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    Hivo Ndio Kuko

    these stories look fake to me, something isn't right here - seems like someone is working very hard to fool Nairobians on the current security situation in the capital hmmmm, wonder who it could be
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    Wash wash business

    DCI detected
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    So , how much are they (Amar) paying you ?
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    Silly German girl mouths off at Russian bouncers, immediately receives a hard reset

    Well, Oleg really faaked her up :D:D
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    Sausage Party

    she male spotted
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    U.S. Misleading Brussels.