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  1. FieldMarshal CouchP

    Waititi lands a big govt job - freedom has come

    Really gal? Really? Kuma konokono wewe...
  2. FieldMarshal CouchP

    Waititi lands a big govt job - freedom has come

    Am starting to have very very serious doubts about the guy....
  3. FieldMarshal CouchP

    Dispute Brewing Over Hustler Fund Request For MPesa PIN During Registration

    :D:D:D samehea njaruo, samehea. Though umefanya karibu nichoke on my bacon...
  4. FieldMarshal CouchP

    Somebody Explain To Hustlers That 8% Interest Rate Per 14 Days Doesn't Translate To 8% Per Annum

    And these are the monkeys that keep insulting Bleks here. Yaani nugu hata basic comprehension ni tafash...
  5. FieldMarshal CouchP

    US$13t aircraft carrier. The rest of the world is here because US wants them to be

    A floating coffin. If the Ukrainian has shown anything, it is that the tools of the last wars are obsolete. No need for expensive boats, tanks and planes, just drones and dear old infantry.
  6. FieldMarshal CouchP

    Hasora fund is live - Dial #254 to access the cash

    And you wonder why I call them bonobozz. One is supposed to grow their loan limit by borrowing and repaying. This will weed out jokers. Ama walikuwa wanataka kupewa 50k mara hiyo hiyo?
  7. FieldMarshal CouchP

    My dad just realized I drink.

    It had to come down to some g** shit now?
  8. FieldMarshal CouchP

    Greatest stand-up commedian of all times

    Yes, that one. Comedian philosopha.
  9. FieldMarshal CouchP

    18+ Kusalimiana na mkubwa

    Maze si kwa ubaya but maisha ya bottom feeders ni beyond tragedy. So not only do you visit dingy brothels but the diseased hoe you've paid for can be taken and be given to another man any time. And you somehow have the guts to share that degrading experience online. Vitu zingine zinataka maombi...
  10. FieldMarshal CouchP

    History Repeats itself

    Brilliant! This is what I have been saying for the longest. I have even posted a similar comment in another thread. These self-hating imbeciles think that by endlessly denigrating their kind eti we are lazy and stupid sets them apart. In psychology we call it (racial) dissociation, a...
  11. FieldMarshal CouchP

    Greatest stand-up commedian of all times

    The greatest comedian who ever lived was that old kamzungu whose name I forget. He always wore black...
  12. FieldMarshal CouchP

    What Goods Can Kenya Manufacture For A Start As We Prepare To Be A Middle Income Economy?

    Let me ask all of you, what have YOU personally done to actualise these things you are suggesting? Ama your bonobo jungle software tells you it's somebody else's duty?
  13. FieldMarshal CouchP

    ni mimi tu ama ?

    He he he he! The wonders of the Internet. Some loser keyboard warriors are now better military experts than a colonel from the SF who has seen action in Somalia on three tours of duty? And you don't even know that an aide de camp has no close protection duties? Nugu ici...
  14. FieldMarshal CouchP

    ukimwi inamaliza kirinyaga

    Mimi hushtuka sana na hii ujinga ya njaruo zingine. Why do they wish us Gikuyus such ills? Halafu tukiwaambia ukweli wa kwao - like HIV. prevalence in Homa Bay among adults is 28pc - unaskia wakisema we are being tribal...
  15. FieldMarshal CouchP

    Is Israel’s Treatment Of Palestinians Terrorism, Is US's Killing Of 1 Million Iraqis Terrorism? Asks Mick Wallace

    One of the good things with the Internet is that it has made information readily available. In the old days the criminal acts of the likes of the US and Britain were swept under the carpet by their media, which made them to be champions of democracy and human rights. Today, thanks to the...
  16. FieldMarshal CouchP

    Portugal 0 vs Ghana 2

    I just don't know what's wrong with African teams honestly. Is it that their coaches don't tell them that you can't defend for 90 minutes? Halafu, why don't they just cross the ball to their opponents goal area even using long balls? As long as the ball is in the air it's 50-50 and if the...
  17. FieldMarshal CouchP

    ngeta kwa mall

    Man, that last guy. Tried everything to survive....sad!
  18. FieldMarshal CouchP

    Wamama Pia Hutusiana?

    And while at it, no full-blooded male negro with adequate testosterone levels uses the word "gosh!" EVER. That's reserved for little bisches with manginas...
  19. FieldMarshal CouchP

    Wamama Pia Hutusiana?

    Any man who calls a vagina "nunu" needs to hand over his man card asap.....serre!