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    Kenya more unsafe than Somalia...

    Kenya has been ranked one of the most unsafe places in the world, after Sudan and Somalia, in the Global Law and Order 2015 report by Gallup Analytics. The report released on Wednesday places Kenya 118th out of 141 countries surveyed, with most people feeling it unsafe to walk alone at night, in...
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    From 7W to 7E

    Hi people. Am on the roof trying to nab 7e from 7w. Had done do so previously lakini leo inanichanganya. Assist with direction, elevation also the strongest tps for 7e, note am currently on 7w. Sijui ni uzee ama ni chang'aa ya Githogoro. Help guys. Niko Kiambu.
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    Court suspend closure of private schools

    Court suspends govt directive to close private schools Judge Mumbi Ngugi says order to suspend the directive in the interest of justice. The High Court has suspended government's directive to close private schools due to the ongoing teachers' strike. Judge Mumbi Ngugi said such an order was in...
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    Wana-FTA, which the best Lnb for an off-set dish?
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    Anything for beauty..

    @KTNKenya Anything for 'Beauty' - Kenyan women eating chicken feed to grow 'rounder'
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    Cases of child defilement in Homa bay on the rise...

    HABIL ONYANGO September 7, 2015 Cases of child defilement in Homa Bay have risen, leading to school dropouts and exposing the children to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. One victim, Lydia Achieng (not her real name) was once a tidy, well-behaved pupil at Gwassi Sub County. But the...
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    Nairobi vs Kigali... Copied from DN. (long read)

    Kigali and Nairobi are two sides of the same coin. One has cleanliness that shocks any regular traveller to sub-saharan African cities. The other has filth that beggars belief. One understands that a red traffic light means stop and even boda bodas observe that. In the other, traffic policemen...
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    Teaching Career & Parenting in Kenya

    Am not a teacher but i think teaching nowaday children is one daunting task. I don't want to sound as protecting the school adminstrations, but as a parent, i ve attended those school meetings/open days/clinics or whatever some call them, you realise teachers wield no power over our kids. Touch...
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    Obama on devolution

    Potus Obama replying to a request by a civil "societer" at YALI & CIVIL SOCIETY FORUM, said U.S government cannot intervene on how devolution should be run. Kenya do ve their own constition to follow. U.S & other countries experience such challenges on governance. Again, he said Kenya do ve an...
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    There are two helicopters doing rounds without any lights, flying near Kiambu town and back to City. hao bado ni seals?
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    Forklift Operater

    Hi people, Anyone with information of an institution where one can train as a forklift operater (or they are drivers too?) for a short period around Nairobi. Googled, most located in Mombasa. Matusi ni karibu pia...
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    Help! Help!

    Hi talkers, any standard bank branch which operates past the banking hrs or 24hrs within Nairobi.. Asante in advance.
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    Meria,Luther & Fta fanatics

    Hi Fta people, I've a strong 4950h decoder, previously using dstv, that is, the dish is positioned to nab dstv, connected the decoder & am only getting few chinese channels. Can i get any more channels in that position b4 i purchase the bigger dish? Step by step pls... Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Ktalkers...

    Hi all, nimechoka na ku-peep...